Monday, November 16, 2009

Sachin Tendulkar’s most daring Ton

'Mumbai belongs to India. I am a Maharashtrian and proud to be a Maharashtrian, but I am an Indian' – That was Sachin Tendulkar

That was the master blaster’s most courageous hit.

Sachin, despite being a person who religiously steers clear of controversies, did not shy away from airing his views in answer to a query from a scribe. It required as much courage to make this statement as to go out there in the middle without a helmet and a visor to face world’s fastest speedster all geared up to draw blood. So inflammable are the fumes released into the Mumbai troposphere by the Shiv Sainks and the MNS. The great sportsman skyrocketed in our esteem by daring, in his characteristic quiet and modest way, to make a statement of this nature in a city where the Shiv Sainiks and MNS workers have effectively terrorised into silence all those big names who'd led the Mumbai- for- all- Indians campaigns.

Sachin may not have expected this reaction from the Shiv Sena supremo. But then, who is Mr. Thackeray to deictate whether Sachin should play cricket or golf or kabadi or talk politics or enter politics? Why this sense of proprietorship over anything Marathi? No Maharashtrians should think anything different from or outside the Bal Thackeray's thinking box?

Thackeray appears to be still smarting from the party’s performance at the recent elections. Hell, I guess, has no fury like the Shiv Sena chief spurned by the electorate.

If Tendulkar will stand by what he said, or recant or hold out the olive branch to Thackeray waits to be seen.

But we most certainly hope that an icon like him would lend a hand to the noble cause of unity in diversity.


  1. Raj has surely brought on severe wrath for himself by speaking against the son-of-the-nation. Now Sachin speaking the language of the nation has clearly exhibited the wise brain to get himself involved in the matters of society, like any responsible citizen.

    Kudos to him. :)

  2. absolutely kudos to him
    and now the old man has gone after him. ... should be interesting to watch the thackerays' take on india's favorite son and lose :)

  3. @scorpiogenius
    'Sachin speaking the language of the nation'
    well said.

    @ harini
    hope your are right- abt BT losing.

  4. I think what sachin said was perfectly natural and most rightful.

    If some one wants to supress his voice he must be stopped.

    Sachin probably wont react to Bal Thackrey, he didnt even say it in this regard. But really this ownership of mumbai and maharashtra is really getting out of hand.

    This is bordering on ridiculousness and the fact that the thackreys get away with this everytime is the heights of law enforcement and democracy in our country. ! sigh

  5. hey actually I have shifted to wordpress....

    I dont update my blogspot blog often.. I just put that post for testing and you left ur comment there... I wrote part II also and also about the Thackreys sigh... !! do visit my wordpress blog !

  6. Sachin said the right thing. Wonder whether it was wise though. For his statement to have any effect, he should be ready to embrace controversy, hatred and resentment. And he is someone who has always steered cleared of controversies. Yet, his statement does not seem like a slip of the tongue. Maybe little master would soon follow in Sunny's ways!

  7. Sachin Tendulkar – Proud to be an Indian –

  8. If it was anyone else in Sachin's place we'd have had numerous press statements and rallies in protest against such a statement. But Raj won't dare touch Sachin coz of his God stature and image in the society as an untainted national hero. We just need more heroes like him to teach Mr Raj a lesson in being an Indian.

  9. Good to see Sachin come out with a clear statement like that.Wish all celebrities who feel like this come out with such strong statements. Then the sainiks will have to change the tune.


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