Monday, November 09, 2009

Dalai lama In Arunachel Pradesh

Dalai Lama should not have done it. The understanding between this spiritual leader and India, and India and China was that he will not use the contested soil of Arunachal Pradesh for political purposes. And he did it. (See link below)

Why did he do it?

Enjoying the hospitality of India, it is unlikely that he would have done something so serious that was likely to create diplomatic tension between the two Asian Giants, without the permission of India.

Apparently, India was making a statement through the granting of permission to the Tibetan spiritual leader to visit Arunachal Pradesh. Are the political remarks by the Dalai Lama also an extension of that statement?

Today for the first time, an Indian official stated that the weapons used by the Maoists are of Chinese make, though he made haste to add that this is no indication that the Maoists have any links with China.

Too many things have been happening between India and China in the past few months – the incursions, the dam, issuing separate visas to Kashmiris by China, protesting against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh. Wonder what all these mean.

The average citizen tends to get worried seeing all this, listening to the hysterical voice of the channels while the Indo-Chinese uneasiness is featured or while they talk of the preparedness of the Chinese for any eventuality as against the under preparedness of India. In addition to this, the netizens are invaded by magnificent (but scary on account of their sheer magnificence) clips of the super efficiency and discipline of the Red Army, and the display of that army recently.

We, the people of India, surely wish to see the status quo maintained between India and China. Memories of the Chinese invasion in the sixties after the much hyped Hindi-Cheeni Bhai Bhai still rankle.


  1. I dont understand why we support these useless fellows expartriated from other countries and they make all problems with China.
    We never take lessons
    We support Puli Prabhakaran, Mujeeb Rahman, this Dalai Lama in 1963, rebels from Nepal and everytime we have faced problems with neighbours.

    We cannot win or at least become equal in a war with China where they have better weapons manpower and quench to win

    Any war will destroy our economy

  2. I think you are very diplomatic on your views.
    Why should we become an obedient neighbor of a country which has always stood against us? Leave Dalai Lama’s issue; are they happy with our PM’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh?

  3. Our media is hyping up anti-China propaganda.
    What will we say if Kashmiri separatists are given VIP treatment in China?
    China's reaction to Dalai Lama is understandable.

  4. @ charakan
    i understand it is the same logic that made china acede tibet that is being applied here with arun pradesh and it is to give legtimacey to arun pradesh that they r respecting pak claim for kashmir. but we too have our reasons and political logic. if confrontation is what china wants - we'll have to confront them. as an ordinary citizen who runs for cover at the thought of war , i am hoping for an eternal staus quo.


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