Friday, November 20, 2009

Attack on the Press: IBN Office falls victim to SS ire.

The Shiv Sainiks have done it again. The attack on IBN office is a clear and strong message to the media to tone down the reporting of the unlawful deeds of the party.

Why is the nation tolerating the SS and the MNS? Why is it that we allow them to get away with murder, arson, looting, lynching and violence of the worst nature? Why are they more equal than the others?

The quiet demise of the Sri Krishna Report is a shameful chapter in the history of our democracy. The inaction of the administration, its refusal to take it up on the pretext of not opening healed wounds amounted to a green signal to any group with muscle power and without faith in democratic values to scoff at the law of the land.

The home ministry can send forces armed to the teeth to deal with Maoists and Naxals. Surely, the SS and the MNS are not armed like these violent groups. What is it that restrains the Centre or the state governments from taking them on the same way? Why do they throw up their hands in helplessness against the SS and the MNS? Are they not legitimizing unlawful act by not coming down heavily on them? Isn’t it this inaction on the part of the government that emboldens them to take law into their hands?

An MP from Kerala was disqualified for using religion in his election speech. Now here is a political party which has an open agenda of regionalism, communalism and linguistic parochialism. In the name of these unconstitutional issues, they take law into their hand and indulge in violence.

Why doesn’t Election Commission disqualify them? What happened in the Maharashtra assembly during the swearing in was enough reason for drastic action against the party which beat up the MLA. Why is the government just looking on? Why are the ministers just mouthing platitudes?

God save our democracy.


  1. Unbelievable is one word for them. There are most who do in the background way in the darkness and who never get reported, but the SS and MNS right in the heart of our economic capital and not to our poor, vulnerable people but the media themselves. How do they simply manage to get away?

  2. When we are blind to the terrorism of shiv sainiks how can we defend attacks from across the border?


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