Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bloggers Hurry! To the rescue of Kerala!

The best news for Kerala since Independence! Read on:

New Delhi, November 9

With bandhs affecting normal life the Kerala unit of the Congress on Monday said it was likely to take a decision soon on avoiding such modes of protest. “A decision to this effect is likely to be taken soon,” state party chief Ramesh Chennithala said at the World Economic Forum India Summit here.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
“As a major political party in the opposition in Kerala we are seriously considering not having hartals. Our party committee has discussed it in detail. A final decision has not been taken,” Chennithala said. Noting that as a political party in a democracy the Congress had a right to demonstrate and protest he said people were suffering because of the age-old mode of agitation. “There are other ways in which we can protest. In a few days we are coming out with a decision on not calling for hartals. Personally, I am not in favour of hartals”, he said.
(The New Indian Express, Thiruvananthapuram, Tuesday, November 10, 2009)

This is the surest indication that the Congress Party has its fingers on the pulse of the people.

And the party appears to be maturing, and reasserting its faith in principles.

If the Congress can liberate this state from strikes, they will win in the state hands down at every poll. So disgusted are the people of Kerala at the political goons unleashing violence and disrupting normal life in the form of hartals and bandhs.

KUDOS to the
New Indian Express, Kerala edition, too for its earnest and dogged campaign against strikes and for sensitizing the political parties into paying heed to the voice of the people for which the paper provided a platform to express their loud and disgusted clamour against bandhs.

Time for the blogsphere to become proactive. While the Congress party is discussing the issue, the blogsphere must speak. It must resound with anti-bandh sentiments, with loud cheers for the Congress party for considering this very very progressive decision.

Every blogger should contribute her/his mite to this good cause which alone can SAVE KERALA.

This is the golden opportunity for the blogsphere which is labeled as the haven for armchair critics to show that it is more than that.

Yes. We bloggers can make a difference.



  1. Sincerely hope that this is not a spoof-talk from Chennithala and that he is honest about it.

  2. We cannot do anything for this. Its written in destiny that UDF will come to power after 1.3 years in Kerala. UDF cannot organise a bandh or hartal as there are no hooligans in their party cadre. In fact the UDF comes alternately to power only because of the people who want democracy and stop these communist autocracy in Kerala. They are a silent group, they show their power only when vote comes, you may mislook them as communist party supporters, belonging to communist trade unions, organisations. Its just for their survival, they know only communist unions are strong and will protect them in case of emergency.

    UDF is a crowd, and whenever UDF comes to power, supporting allies like Muslim League, Kerala Congress misuse the rule and make high corruptions. They have years of experience in corruption and they know what to do how to do, which causes again Communist to capture power because the Hindus feel that they have been neglected and its only minorities rule the state.

    Only communist or BJP can conduct bandh hartals successfully as they have strong party cadre full of hooligans and bomb makers and dumb asses who will start from home in early moring to picket railway stations at the whims of their party bosses.

    Once in Trivandrum BJP hooligans poured sticky engine oil on the streets on a hartal day, there are numerous casualities due to this who came by two wheelers and suddenly cannot break and slipped on the road. Such irresponsible hooliganism which is done by a hand held number of supporters happen only because police never do anything to frighten them.

    Even when UDF in rule police stay like mere watchers and allow PDP,BJP even unheard Dalit parties to conduct bandhs hartal.

    Another thing supports bandh hartal are the public who buy liquor chicken in previous day and spend the hartal or bandh eating and drinking. They may maximum loose a casual leave, only if a government implement a strict policy that if an employee is absent on a bandh day he may loose 7 days salary can stop public silently supporting bandhs, now what happens is that they stay at home enjoy a holiday and next day they sign the attendence register.

    So bloggers cannot do anything regarding this. It will be a hell lot of bandhs and hartals to follow as soon as UDF comes to power.

    UDF condemn bandh because they know they cannot make a bandh like others. They cannot irresponsibly pour engine oil on crowded roads to make a hartak a success.

  3. I would call it a joke of the century.They will bring the bandh and hartal in another attire.Whether it is left or right,these are parasites that just bites and eats our very ears.They all secretly join and help out each other and publicly abuse each other and makes fools of us. What we should do is to join and form some kind of an organisation, and start punishing these bastards. Some of them have been sitting and serving us for decades. Mani will never leave the chair till he dies.And so are others!!

  4. The Congress cannot afford Hartals and Bandhs any more. Even for a Jatha, rates have soared up. It was Rs. 150/- or Biriyani earlier. Then a Pint of Rum was added. Now, it is Rs. 500/- plus other things.
    When the party cannot afford even Jathas, how can they have Hartals? Of late, NDF workers who were being used by the Party, are also not cheaply available.

  5. Avoiding violent protests and forceful shut downs is good.Clamping down on all protests will be dangerous.

  6. enough is enough!!...if kerala has to go forward...bandhs/ hartals must stop for good.period.our unemployment rate is high and even now its hard for our educated youth to find jobs...no investment is allowed...derailing our progress....why arent the people speaking up?

    Kerala is a GOd-given paradise but due to the policies of our politicians, the suicide rate in kerala is high, mainly due to financial problems, despite their education .It is sad!....no more lives must be lost because of these heartless people who hold us hostage to their whims and fancies...God will judge and He will act , but we musn't be silent!


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