Thursday, November 12, 2009

Power Stations in Space

Japan is planning to construct a solar power station in space from which energy will be beamed down to earth using lasers!

If the experiment is successful, the beginning of a permanent solution to the energy crisis is in sight, scientists feel. There’s no dearth of solar energy in space.

Am not competent to even pass a casual comment on the feasibility & success of this project, but I cannot resist the temptation to indulge in a hypothetical fantasy.

What if such solar power stations in the space can take care of the bulk of the energy needs of man?

I see a world jolted by a dramatic and drastic change in the existing economic equations, with the oil prices nose-diving to crash land on the rock bottom. In this world of space energy option, an apocalyptic vision would burst upon the US and the West regarding the Middle East, and they would suddenly become acutely conscious of the sovereignty of the Arab countries. This would result in resolutions being passed to refrain from any more political/military intervention in their affairs. Iraq would be dropped likehot potato and all the American soldiers would be back home, perhaps being trained to fight in space suits.

I have dual vision of the Middle East. One resembles something like the pre oil discovery days; this brings in tow euphoric dreams of the terror outfits dying one by one with the funding sources drying up.

Alternatively, I see the Middle East still enjoying energy monopoly, having invested heavily in the space power stations.

I see the site of international conflict shift to the space. My vision gets clouded when I try to make out the identity of the super powers in this race to colonize the space. India, yippee, I’m willing to swear will be a potent player considering the head start she has in space.

Now back to earth from this phantasmagoric space expedition - what will our planet look like when our focus shifts from the dark womb of the earth to regions beyond its atmosphere?

Darkness falls and the image is denied.


  1. the more energy available the more greedy man will become!

  2. i see a "bright" future... if the japanese are successful

    @anonymous: its not really greed, its more of an ever increasing population that needs an ever increasing amount of energy :)

  3. The receiver dishes for the substation would probably be harboured at sea or in the middle of reservoirs to keep them away from dangerous places

    Does that mean the beams would be harmful to us? Well, then let me indulge in my own hypothetical fantasy.

    What if some asteroid hits it and causes it to change direction? The beams will be redirected at civilian areas and we will all get fried just like like the paper which burns under a magnifying glass focusing the sun's rays :P

    What if the beam causes genetic changes in killer sharks and they become Godzillas.. :D


    PS: Wonder why nobody thought of this idea before.. seems so logical and efficient.

  4. @ anonymous & prasanth
    guess like prasanth said, it a matter of survival

    @ deepak
    o boy! what amazing optimism! :-)guess prophets of doom too have their uses:-(

  5. Pneumonia claims the life of one child every minute in India.
    This was announced yesterday at a news conference at PGI Chandighar.This death toll is higher than deaths due to AIDS,malaria and measles together.

    Cant these people try to do something about this? You would have wondered what is the relationship between space research and pnemonia deaths.It is the same as the relationship between Chandrayan..and deaths at the Adivasi villages !!

  6. I don't wish to shatter an old lady's fantasies, but just so that you don't cling on to 'em too dearly, :), solar power is not going to replace oil in your lifetime OR your grandchildren's lifetime :) Oil will continue to be the fuel for this century too. The closest alternative fuel that I'd place my money on is nuclear fuel, not solar. If you don't wish to take me on faith, give me your email and I'll write a detailed technical response with references :)

  7. @ dr antony
    is it enuf that we think only of the present, this generation? remember the traditional adage about planting a tree.
    fuel issue is a survival issue for mankind. we cannot afford to be shortsighted. all sources must be explored.

    @ karthik sivaramakrisnhana
    mebbe u r right - but i have great faith in any japanse project.wouldnt like to be dismissive abt what they think is worth giving a try.

  8. superbpiece of writing!!u managed to build up the vision-line by line,word by word.and the last sentence sent a chill down my spine.evoked the same feeling yeats'The second comingdid.brrrr..a vision of man's greed n callousness extending to the 'ethereal regions'.


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