Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kerala has spoken through the ballot - November 2009.

Congratulations, the voters of Kerala! The UDF has swept the polls, and it won in Kannur very convincingly.

The people have spoken emphatically once again.

The voters have registered their protest loud and clear – against the infighting in the ruling party leading to absence of governance, against rampant corruption and most of all against political parties’ commitment to the party rather than to the people who elect them.

It is a protest of the people against the goonda raj that had Kerala in its grip the past few years.

It is the people’s loud voice of disapproval against the youth wing of the ruling party which had grown into a Frankenstein causing disturbance and spread fear by taking law into its hands.

It’s a protest against the Home Ministry running the state as if it is the minister’s back yard.

People have had enough.

We earnestly hope that the UDF understands the gravity of the burden of expectation that has been placed on them.


  1. Democracy - The people's voice.

  2. Congrats Congress...

    Special congrats to Kannur MLA Abdullakkutty who weathered all odds to crush the commie opponent! :)

  3. See,that leads to another basic question.Do we have a democracy?If so,how do these hooligans get elected and run a ministry?In a state where literacy is the crown,illiterate idiots become ministers and rule the literate.Idiots leading the idiots !!King gundas have been ruling states like Bihar ever since independance.Dacoits become MPs. Killers are welcome in to all opposition parties. If you can kill the Prime Minister,you are assured of a seat at the next election.Opposition is waiting with garlands.Do you remember the story in Panchatanthra? The leeches who had sucked the blood out of the deer?These politicians are like those leeches,they will never leave,and will hang on.

    The worlds largest democracy, is really a joke.The country is moving slowly ahead,not because of these idiots, it is a natural process.This country would have been farther forwards,but for these leeches. Like I had said before,some of them have been sitting in the assembly since the independance,and wont leave till they die. But they will make sure they will make seats for their sons before something happens.Isnt it a joke,that in a place like Kerala we carry the burden of these idiots?They creep in to each and everything of our daily lives. You cant open a tap or build a brick without their presence. I recently saw a picture in a newspaper.Three MLAs opening a water tap at a primary school!!Joke of the century.That is their value. In Dubai,they open billions of dollars woth projects everyday,and no single ruler comes for these functions.

    And just who is this Abdullakkutty? And what is his contribution to India? What is his political history other than that he took advantage of the local situation there?What kind of election is this? Muslim candidate for Kannur and Malappurom usually,Christian for Palai, a Nair for Changanachery, An Ezhava for Varkala and so on. This is the best example of our democracy.

    Nothing will change ,till the youth of this country realises that these octagenerians are just eating away, spoiling their future,and should be thrown out by radical revolutions.Do we have a history of any politician prosecuted and punished? The info Minister Sukhram was caught at his own doorstep few years back, with 3 crores bribe in a bag,and he spent the rest of his life in UK for treatment !! I dont know if the rules of democracy allow these people to be punished.These leeches can also formulate a rule for their own immunity.
    God save India !!

  4. Congress retained their 3 seats. How can it be a 'big thing for democracy' etc? How can these three Congress constituencies speak for Kerala?
    I think we Bloggers at least, should be more neutral...

  5. @ stoic
    you should remember that during the last assembly elections, Congress was routed wholesale.
    @ dr antony
    a lot of factual truth is what u say-yet i'll not be so cynical
    @ scorpiogenius & hobo
    i tend to think like u. if ldf won, i'd have thought that people had ceased to think or become docile and indifferent.

  6. I agree that Congress was deservedly routed in the last Assembly elections. Even during such rout, Kannur, Ernakulam and Alappuzha went to the Congress. Thus even when Kerala chose LDF, these constituencies had stuck with the Congress.

    As such, Congress' winning in the by-s in these constituencies is not surprising. How then can the current results be called Kerala's mandate to the UDF? When the Congress has merely retained its sitting-seats [albeit with reduced majority at Alappuzha], Kerala and its mandate are not involved.


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