Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Zahira Sheik

Zahira Sheik. I feel very sad for her. She was hardly fifteen when she witnessed the carnage.Poor thingl! the terrible mistake she made was in thinking that justice was an easily available commodity in this world. Just think of what this traumatised girl had to go through in the past few years. Hounded by wolves, pressurised by well meaning activists, disowned by her community , and now perjury charge slapped on her - - - - so young and so completely robbed of a normal life.
And the behaviour of the press in her case is despicable. The unholy glee with which they pounce on this helpless victim of circumstances, the uncharitable way they treat her - the callous repeated references to her 'flip flops' - the total insensitivity to what she must be going thru ---- it's sad. very very sad!
The girl must be cursing the day she decided to do her bit to bring murderers to book.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Extra sensory preception

I am not superstitious-but i believe that a lot of what is dismissed as superstition can have a rational explanation - by and by, time and science will uncover that.
I've had some real experiences for which i cannot offer any rational explanations - like that strange one i had when i was in my early twenties and which continues to baffle me after all these years - - - -
I used to sweep and clean the veranda of our cottage every morning. On the window sill was a wooden letter box which was suposed to hang from a nail on the wall - but no nail went up on the wall - and so it was accepted that the window sill was the place for the letter box. Everyday i would take the letter box and dust it with a soft broom -and then i would start sweping.
One day, as usual, i took the broom and approached the letter box. As i neared it, I stopped suddenly. Don't ask me why - I don't know, but I kept a safe distance from it and stood looking at it. Suddenly i felt chilly and felt goose pimples all over - I could hear my heart pounding in my ears - and then i found myself raising the broom and bringing it down on the letter box. The letter box crashed face down and to my horror i saw a gigantic scorpion clinging to the back of the box.
Now I had never seen a scorpion in that house where we had lived for more than five years- i had no reaasson to suspect that there was any danger lurking behind that box i handled casually everyday.
why did i behave that way? how did i sense that i should beware of that letter box?
I dont know- but this is a true experience -
my mother's excited explaination was that it was my guardian angel - the fruit of all her prayers - - -
I dont know what to think- - Sixth sense? Extra sensory perceptions?