Saturday, November 21, 2009

CNN IBN let down by other national channels?

CNN IBN is making claims about the show of solidarity by other media representatives. But the behaviour of the other English channels was much below the expected mark in a show of support and team spirit.

At the moment, I am watching CNN IBN showing the meeting of the media representative at the Chief Minister’s House. NO OTHER CHANNEL IS SHOWING IT LIVE!

Even yesterday, the attack on CNN IBN was shown only as part of the news. NDTV, HT, TIMES NOW could have at least given it half the coverage it gave when, say, Promod Mahajan was shot by his brother. The channels were, then, competing with each other to bring out into the public a matter that was best left alone. It was a family feud which the family concerned did not want to become national news. But all channels went after the news slurping and drooling, with runs and reruns and inane conjectures and sensational presentation.

Surely what happened yesterday in CNN IBN is much more important, not just to the channel concerned or to the media, but also to the very fabric of democracy. But HT went on talking about its Shiela Dikshit scoop, in a one-uppish manner. The other channels with other matters. This was just another bit of news. I think the regional channels gave more importance to this horrible event.

SAD. We citizens appear more concerned with and anxious about the attack on the fourth estate than the national channels. The issues involved are very serious ones, some of them being:

o The kid glove treatment meted out to Shiv Sena in the past 40 plus years resulting in their confidence that they can get away with murder, rioting, lynching and every despicable undemocratic terrorist act

o A false perception of the Shiv Sena supremo among the general public, the Centre and the State government and the poor helpless people of Mumbai. How come he has the freedom to utter and write fascist, seditious and communal thoughts but not the other papers and media? They now claim that CNN IBN provoked the attack by criticizing BAL Thackeray! Who on earth is he? Is he above the law of the land? It is time that the MEDIA, the administration, both in the state and the centre addressed these issues and arrived at a course of action – no matter how extreme- to bring law and order back into Mumbai. Every provision in the book must be evoked to put down internal terrorism.

o The freedom of speech, that bastion of democracy, that is being targeted time and again by political groups with muscle power.

To all channels, this is a request from the people of India. Please please give more time space to this issue and follow it up till the miscreants and the brain behind them are brought to book.

Hope somebody is listening.

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  1. Most media houses seems to be too narrow minded and afraid of raising their heads against the goons

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