Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Am tagged. By Sujatha of Fluff "n" Stuff
Tagging makes me nervous for many reasons. The most important one being I'm terrified of chains - probably 'cos of the description of chain reaction by my English teacher who taught us about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She told us that once a reaction is triggered off, it cannot be stopped till half the world is desrtroyed. She also told us that the end of days prophesied in the Bible would come as a chain reaction. So i vowed - no chains for me.
The least important reason - this machine before I am sitting at the moment is too complicated for me. I'm still in the primary school level where it is concerned. I only know how to handle the minum functions. Of course I intend to correct this situation 'cos this contraption is hijacking our lives. Look at me. I've forgotten the art of writing on a paper with a pen after I started keying in my thoughts (not that my handwriting was anything to brag about-a letter I once addressed to my Birmingham penfriend landed up in Bhurnanganam post office near Pala in Kerala).
So Sujatha, forgive me if i dont tag five people - i just dont know how to do it ( am wondering how i can take it out on you for forcing this confession out of me).
Now to take care of the Tag instructions.
Pick up the nearest book.
Open to page 123.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.
Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.
The nearest book - A 93 year old English Bible ( published by Burns oates and Washbourne Ltd, London in 1914) which has a place next to this machine. It is the Bible I've been reading since I was in the high school. My father (think he bought it as a young high school boy) got it bound for me and so it is still in good condition. This is the book which unfolded the beauty of the English language to me. It has travelled with me (I travel a lot) and has been my constant companion in all the changing statuses of my life.
The three sentences after the 5th sentence on page 123:
But the princes offered onyzx stones, and precious stones, for the ephod and the rational: And spices and oil for the lights, and for the preparing of ointment, and to make the incense of most sweet savour. All, both men and women with devout mind offered gifts, that the works might be done which the Lord had commanded by the hand of Moses. All the children of Israel dedicated voluntary offerings to the Lord.
Exodus. Chpt.35. Verses 27-29.
No comments on the lines except that 1. where rituals are concerned, people have not changed after 2000+ years 2. I love onyx
On being Ritualistic- would some try blogging on it?


  1. "letter I once addressed to my Birmingham penfriend landed up in Burnanganam post office near Pala in Kerala" ROTFL!!;-D

    i love such anecdotes you mention in your blog...i'll tell this to my mom coz Bharninganam is like her mom's native..

  2. Wow I am seeing this tag moving around real fast. This must be the 6th blog I see it on.

    Mmm risky tag, this! Who knows what book might be lying nearest you at the time of tag, unless you consciously make one the nearest. And worse, who knows what lines would appear in the 123rd page!

  3. Thank goodness that you had the Good Book around handy, instead of something like what ms cris suggested in her comment.

    You just need to tag all the people who respond to your blog posts (excluding me, the tagger, of course ;) and bingo, you will have 5 taggees in no time.
    Apparently, it's blog etiquette to inform them of the tag if they don't respond, but I chose not to do that when I tagged, since some of the bloggers I tagged are juggling lots of comments due to the high volume.


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