Monday, July 21, 2008

Kerala - No let up in the blood-letting

Another life lost - in the name of a text book. Not that the state needs any reasons any more to mow down human lives. Of late, they - human lives- have become the most worthless things - the cheapest tokens of political protest, the most common/vulnerable casualty of violent politicisation of issues.

All parties are now outsourcing violence - either to their youth wings or mercenaries. A time was when the Congress Party exercised some restraint when it came to unleashing violence or their violence dispensers. But looks like their previous stint in power(2001-06), during which they were blockaded from performing by the opposition, has made them frustrated and therefore reckless. Governance had become impossible then with the shamefully irresponsible behaviour of the CPM in connivance with the Karunakaran faction. Disruption by the opposition of normal day to day life, of routine educational and developmental activities had been the order of the day. The Left was at its worst during that tenure of the UDF govt, with obstructing governance being their only agenda. It had to prevent the Congress Government from performing lest it get re-elected. Now that the Left is in power, The Congress has decided to pay them back in the same coin.

So now whom do we turn to for some restoration of sanity in the State?

Are there any leaders in Kerala who can put the state above party loyalty? Any one like Somnath Chatterjee, our Lok Sabha Speaker?

I am reminded of the Biblical story where God gives word to Abraham that he'll spare the city from destruction if there were 10 good men in it. Yes, ten good leaders in the state, who can put the people above the party can save this state in its headlong plunge into a 'bloody' disaster.

The leaders have let us down one by one. The exodus from the state has begun. Check out this link to find out more:


  1. Aaaagh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A man with an iron hand..
    Thats what Kerala needs!

  2. The happenings are really sad.
    Hope things change.


  3. It's a sad 'State'. We dream of coming back to Kerala, but now it looks like it's not something we shoould pursue.


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