Thursday, July 03, 2008

Indian Abroad - Part II

The second episode is not a hi tech one. It could be funny if you try visualising it. Want to give it a shot? Then read on.

Ravi's and Rola's last destination before they crossed over to England was France. After a day of sight seeing, Rola was tired and decided to stay back in the hotel room while Ravi went for a walk. As he ambled along the street, he casually asked a person on the street if there was some place nearby which was of interest to tourists. The man replied in rapid French. Ravi understood not a word of French. Nevertheless, he walked along the direction the man had pointed to. It took him to a beach. As he walked down the beach, he saw a demarcated area. The name boards in different languages told him it was a nudists’ zone. It very strictly stated that nudists were prohibited from coming out of the segregated area. Since it was not stipulated that clothed people couldn’t enter the nudists’ area, Ravi entered and sat down on a reclining chair. A few minutes passed during which he generally enjoyed the peasant breeze and the view. Suddenly, he spotted a nude woman coming purposefully towards him. When she reached the spot where he was sitting, she stopped and said in heavily accented English, “15 dollars, please”. “What for”, asked my bewildered cousin. “You sit in chair. 15 dollars charge”. “Then I stand up’ said Ravi and got out of the chair. “No good’, she insisted, “you already sat. You must pay”. “I won’t pay”, said Ravi and he walked away. She followed him, talking sharply in French. He started running and she ran after him. He was faster and soon reached the boundary, which he crossed, but which she couldn’t, as she would be fined 50 dollars if she stepped out of the nudists’ zone. Ravi turned back and smiled at the fuming nude lady and walked away, feeling quite pleased with himself.


  1. LOL
    He showed her didnt he! :-)

  2. there must have been more than ten thousand such incidents that must have taken write more....please....!!!


    we went to college today to collect our mark sheet. Mam Colaco told me that you had sent the link of my Indu Anto story to both her and Tulsi Mam...I'd really like to know how came across it in the first place....and had I known it was going to be read by my teachers i'd have done a much better job...i re-read it after many days and realised how badly it needs to be edited...

    Anyway...hope you're doing good....looking forward to reading more of Indian Abroad stories...

  3. heeeheeee visualised the scene like how u told us to.....Hilarious.


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