Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Breaking the Magic Wand

They ask me how it feels
the day after

Does it hurt?
do you miss it all?

The routine. the role,
the camaraderie
the feel of belonging.

The burden, the deadlines.

The young minds – impressionable
the puzzled frown
the joy of the idea
the starry excitement
the faces volatile as knowledge unfolds

Do I miss all that?

Strangely enough, no.

Didn’t I love it all?
I ask myself.
Where, then, are the pangs?

Ripeness is all.
Stoicism born of a second lease of life !

Life -
to be celebrated
till the last breath

Every change brings a new horizon

So, how does it feel
the day after?

Serene as I scan the new skies
words falling around me like pleasant showers
‘you gave better than your best, mom’.
‘really m'am, we are proud to be your kids - we treasure your classes – sorry if we let you down – thank you’

What more can I ask?


  1. you are really blessed.. n I'm glad for you! :)

  2. Someone resigned?
    Just trying to understand verses. I never do usually!

  3. hey not resigned..retired!!!!!

  4. Jimmy & Amala6:30 AM, July 07, 2008


    All the best for your new ventures!

  5. @ usha
    @jimmy & amala
    thanks-for the compliment and wishes.
    u guys get time yo read blogs?!:-))

  6. I make time for this blog.... Got addicted to Molly aunty stories when I was a kid :-D


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