Thursday, July 10, 2008

The End of Silence

am no poet.
i know that.

my muse died young
a slow death though
with growing estrangement from my tongue
and my self.

a casualty of imperialism
and acculturation.

but of late I find myself
tinkering with free verse
in the alien tongue.

the genre issues a license
the poetic license
liberation from the strain
of logical exercise,

And offers a mould
that won’t crumble
when loaded with feeling.

minds crippled with entrenched silence
turn to the spirits of the muses

can they be raised from the dead?
will they take kindly
to the strange sounds of broken silence?


  1. Actually I thought I will not comment on this. Cause I can never make head or tail of poems. But I am so used to commenting on your blogs I couldnt help leaving it blank!

    About the poem, errr ummm hmm, good start. I like the first 2 lines :D Now you know how good I am with poems!

  2. echoing cris' sentiments, could you please explain your poem a bit :-)
    Is it something like,

    when you were young you had the patience and concentration to write poems with their proper structure...but of late you write free verse which does not strain you into exercising the rules of poetry while your mind is flooded with feelings and thoughts? It gives you a license to let your emotions and feelings flow.

    And I didn't really get the last part. Does it mean you want to go back to your old ways of writing poetry exercising much thought and restraint? And you wonder whether you would be able to do that??

    Lol..I have a feeling it is nothing what Ive said..:-D

  3. @ cris & deepak
    culdnt/didnt write ppoetry cos one can write best in one's own tongue- am not v proficient in my mothertongue -too inhibited also to write . guess everybody has that urge to write poetry-so u try in whatever language u can.not sure i can do a good job of it.

  4. oh..:) should have got it from alien tongue..
    nice poem!

  5. HEY,YOU CAN!so let yourself go-let the muse free...let it fly.


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