Monday, October 19, 2009

A Tag with a difference,

Sujatha has tagged me again. This is a tag with a difference. To quote her
The above web video is an effort to raise public funding for Dr. Sudhir Paul's further research into a promising approach towards a true HIV vaccine. He is the husband of my friend and co-blogger Ruchira Paul ( Accidental Blogger).

I am not competent to say anything about this matter, but i did check out the Covenant Immunology Foundation on the net, and spoke to a couple of researchers in this field. They felt that this is 'definitely legitimate research' and thought that 'the video has some good educational points for the public'.

Please check out for yourself and if you find it convincing, please spread the word around in the blogsphere.

On a side note, Ruchira Paul, the wife of Dr. Sudhir Paul, is a blogger who, with a few friends, author Accidental Blogger . It is a fine and intelligent blog, and a favourite with me. Today they celebrate the fourth anniversary of the blog. You'll find Accidental Blogger worth visiting.


  1. Thanks for passing on the word, Kochuthresiamma!

  2. Thanks K.P.J. for posting the link to Sudhir's research efforts. I hope that what is happening in the test tube can be translated to practical use.

    Thank you also for the friendly gesture of inviting your readers to Accidental Blogger.

  3. Here is another video which describes the science a little better.


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