Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sun did not set on the Diwali Lamp in 2009

The American President lights Diwali lamp in the Whitehouse.
The British Prime Ministwe too does the same thing in 10 Downing Street.
Both firsts.


Mere tokenism?


Is the hitherto fragmented human mind breaking free of narrow domestic walls? Are we moving towards ‘that heaven of freedom?’

Is this the globalization of the mind?

Or an indication of the decolonization of those whom we thought of as incurable imperialists?

Or, a sign of an emerging reverse dependency?

Could it be a recognition of shifting centres of economic power?

Or a wooing of the orient? Are the imperialists back to their old tricks? A sort of old wine in new packaging?

And parallelly, fundamentalism spreading like wildfire – is it the last convulsions of a dying order?


I too send Diwali cards to my near and dear ones this year.
That too an insignificant first.


We are too close in time to interpret these new features of culture.


  1. A good step is always appreciated.
    God made men, men made boundaries.
    Not a good saying And I wish no boundaries exist. Freedom - The wish.

  2. This may be because both leaders are democratically elected by electorates with large number voters of Indian origin.

  3. "Are the imperialists back to their old tricks?" --

    And they light bigger flames ( read igniting bombs of various kinds and tones in the aborginal country itself.

    The best business men and politicians are great diplomats themselves! He is savy to change color as the chameleons. Many cannot do that. They can


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