Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Obama.

One more burden for Obama who already has a heavy burden of expectation to bear. As things stand, he has to show the world in four years time that ‘WE CAN’. And now this! Poor President. Wonder if it’s an arm twisting strategy by the Nobel committee to ensure that he’ll not be bomb happy like his predecessors. The recipient himself is scratching his close cropped head in perplexity, trying to make out how in less than a couple of weeks after his swearing in, he must have been nominated!

The implications are not small. He has swept the world off its feet with his rhetoric. Now it has to translate into tangible forms.

Now that he has won the highest award for peace in the world, the least he can do is to withdraw peacefully from Afghanistan and Iraq, get N. Korea to defuse its nuclear arsenal, win the Taliban and fundamentalists over with a ‘we can’,broker peace between India and Pakistan and and and and - - - - -

Let’s hope he won’t crumble under the burden of nobel expectations!

Our best wishes are with him!


  1. He has the touch of Midas hasn't he? So far so good, and I wish him all the best in his efforts.

  2. Actually, I was puzzled by this award because Obama has few concrete achievements to his record other than being the first black to become the President of the United States.

    Both in the domestic and international arena, Obama is still groping his way toward solutions for vexing problems.

    If mere efforts are the yardstick for bestowing high accolades like the Nobel, then every Clinton, Bush and Ford deserve this honor.

    It’s also timely for us to remember that the Nobel Committee’s decision making is extremely weird when it comes to the Peace Prize.

    For instance, Mahatma Gandhi never got the Nobel Peace prize despite being more worthy of it than anyone else in the 20th century.

    Obama, likable though he is, is not even a contender for Nobel let alone a winner, based on what he has done.I believe he was Not the right choice AS HE JUST HAD SPOKEN GOOD, NOT DONE ANYTHING SERIOUS

    Look at problems 1 . ISRAEL Palestine dispute , he even didnt utter a word when Gaza was attacked. 2. AFGAN WAR STILL ON .. 3.where are exemptions if he really what to support islamic countries spcly poor ones in africa. 4. how he is preventing other countries from american genrtd recession 5 ABOVE HE STILL FUNDING TERROR BASE CAMP OF WORLD “PAKISTAN” knowing that fund would be used against indian peace.

  3. So much for Nobel and the Norwegians! I say, our State Film awards are much more noble compared to this Nobel!

  4. ya it looks some anticipatory bail..let's wait n watch..

  5. forgive me if i sound brilliant rhetoric the yardstick?are 'attempts'&a few tentative steps to promote world peace enough?isn't it too ridiculously short a time to consider mr obama for one of the most looked forward to awards in te world?personally,i think mr obama is what america needs now.the world,too,expects a lot from him. but-blimey!!-how did that qualify him for the nobel prize?

  6. Give candy to the kid
    And ensure total compliance.
    Old strategy we know.
    But will Obama bite?
    Even if he wanted
    Will America let him?

    Too much at stake for Uncle Sam. Too little to gain from a Nobel.

  7. Hillary had it right: "Better that we get thrown accolades than shoes".
    The prize isn't just for Obama or his achievements/achievements-to-be. It's an honor to a nation that cast off its age-old problems (at least for the span of an election year) and reinvented itself after 8 years of Horror.

    Santhi: Do you really think Bush merited the Nobel prize? For what?

  8. @ sujatha
    one way of looking at it. guess there's no provision to give the award to the constituency in the US which elected him.

    @ anonymous
    million dollar questions - time alone can answer. nevertheless, cant help hoping the answer to both the queries is YES

    guess sujatha's comment will give you the answer. much as we dislike admitting it, the world peace depends a lot on the big brother reinventing himself

    @ Dhanya
    anticipatoyr bail-rightly said.

    @ balachandran V
    what do you think of Sujatha's views?

    @ shanthi ABOVE HE STILL FUNDING TERROR BASE CAMP OF WORLD “PAKISTAN” knowing that fund would be used against indian peace.'
    yes, i too srongly feel this is a good reason to withhold nobel prize from him. But then, india's problem has always been india's. the world community only makes a lot of noise about it, and throw its weight behind pak 'cos of its strategic importance and 'cos it, on acct of its instability, it can be manipulated with dollars.

    yes. he does have the midas touch. am only anxious the world will discover he too has feet of clay. that'll be an expensive discovery.

  9. Nobel peace prize was always like this with lot of politics involved. It is the only prize decided by local politicians of Norway and is not considered to be of any great value unlike the Swedish Academy's much prized Nobel award selections in academic fields . With the selection of Obama with in few months of his inauguration for the peace prize the Norwegian committee further devalued its worth .

  10. I never couldn't Digest it. As my friend commented in my blog I too think the Nobel Committee has actually honoured Gandhiji by not awarding him the Nobel. And it also takes out the efforts of people like Su ki, Yunus, Desmond Tutu, Mandela, Mother Teresa to name a few who have actually worked amongst the people.

    May be its true, he may be awarded coz of not being another G W Bush. Time only will tell if he wont become one.

  11. If Nobel's are being given out for what you are expected to achieve as opposed to what you have achieved, I'd like a Nobel for well..several things actually!!


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