Friday, October 16, 2009

Invasion of Bollywood into National News

There was a time when I used to watch with considerable interest when I see film stars on the small screen. They were a rare commodity then, and my curiosity level about them was pretty high.

Today I switch channels as soon as they appear on the screen. But that’s not much of a help. If one channel is discussing some actor’s body ordour, it’s suspected pregnancy of somebody else in another. Or if Sonam has fallen out with 'Ash' or why so and so broke up with so and so.

And those promotional stuff! When some actors come forward to promote their films, they chatter away endlessly – the younger Bachchan tops the chart in this aspect. So irritating! Yakety yak, yakety yak, he goes on and on and on - - - - - -

The past few days, papa Bachchan too was on the small screen all the time – am not sure for what.

And then there these reality shows with super stars asking really ‘potty’ questions or prancing around the stage and making complete fools of themselves, or choosing the grooms in an electronic swayamwara..

Stars, I feel, should limit their exposure to the public eye. They ought not to allow themselves to be so completely demystified. Distance and mystery lend charm but familiarity breeds contempt.

Guess there’s a lot of money for every body involved here. It’s human nature to make hay while the sun shines. Guess the film stars are no different. And it’s stupidly naive on my part to expect the stars not to seize chances to hog the limelight especially when there is huge amount of money at the end of the shows.

Whatever be the case, the English News channels in India are proving to be a huge bore with their obsession with the stars. Mebbe they should have a separate news hour for entertainment, film news and film gossip instead of allowing bollywood to encroach so heavily into the news hour, with speculations about whom Bips is seeing and whom some else is sleeping around with, or if pest control is being done in some superstar's house!

Not many will agree with me, I guess. Am expecting comments to the effect I should go back to the old world where I belong.


  1. I have stopped watching news tv because of its celeb and superficial focus !

    :) there is a term that we use called 'over exposure' - when that happens the value of the celeb drops :)
    a star remains a star because s/he is exclusive and beyond reach ... these idiots are killing their own market by being everywhere simultaneously

  2. I absolutely agree. Who watches that junk? I read an interesting article about stars that are famous for being famous. People with very little talent that are famous only from the publicity that surrounds them. Seems to be the new fad.


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