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Seditious Politics over Mullaperiyar.

Mullaperiyar begins to bristle again. And this time, Jayalaitha has crossed all permissible limits offered by the freedom of expression. Equating Kerala building a dam across Mullaperiyar to China building one on Brahmaputra, amounts to a seditious speech.

Take a look at what she has to say:
Chennai, Oct 18 (IANS) Equating Kerala’s demand for a new dam at Mullaperiyar with China’s attempts to build one on the Brahmaputra within its territory, AIADMK general secretary J.Jayalalitha Sunday said if the Indian government could oppose the Chinese project, then Tamil Nadu too had the right to object to Kerala’s project. (Emphasis mine)
What are the implications of this statement?
Kerala and Tamil Nadu are like India and China. Are they two countries? Implied in this statement is a subversion of the federal nature of the Indian Republic. If this does not amount to sedition, what does?

She goes on:
Noting that India is objecting to China building a dam on the Brahmaputra on the plea that it would affect the ecology of several states here, she said: ‘When one nation can object to the actions of another in the matter of river water sharing, does not Tamil Nadu have valid grounds to push its case through vis-a-vis a neighbouring state?’
This elaboration strengthens my argument. Are two states in a federal republic equivalent to nations with independent political status?
And the danger in this metaphor lies in equating of Kerala to China, and thereby, Tamil Nadu to India. It does make matters a little dicey that Kerala has a Communist Government, which is constantly accused by all political parties of having ideological leaning towards China, as the latter is the only surviving large and powerful Communist country.

And then comes her trump card:
‘Are not both Kerala and Tamil Nadu states of the Indian Union? Do the Prime Minister and the Union Minister of State for Forests and Environment have different yardsticks while dealing with identical issues concerning the Indian nation and Tamil Nadu state?’ she asked, according to a statement released here.
She is clearly playing on the emotions of the people with, no doubt, the future of her party in mind. AIDMK, at the moment, is cooling its heels in the opposition benches of Tamil Nadu.

Without batting an eyelid she proclaims loudly that:
The construction of a new dam across the Mullaiperiyar in Kerala would practically result in cutting off the main source of water for five districts of Tamil Nadu.
Kerala leaders have been crying themselves hoarse that Tamil Nadu requirement for water will be met. Besides, the rivers of India are not the exclusive property of any state. They belong to the nation, and the sharing pattern of the waters is always done with intervention of the Centre’s machinery for the purpose. She continues:
She said Kerala is going ahead with surveying lands for construction of a new dam, which would be against the interests of the people of Tamil Nadu.
She knows this statement (which I have highlighted above) is a blatant lie. But politicians are so crafty that they look around for issues that appeal to the parochial sentiments of the public, and then politicize it till it becomes a huge emotional inferno which consumes sanity, logic, common sense and patriotism.

And then she lays the foundation for an unrest and “disaffection” between the States of a federal union:
‘90 per cent of this survey work is complete. The balance will be completed in hardly two months. The minister concerned in Kerala has also said on record that the construction of the new dam will be completed in less than a year after the sanction is given,’ Jayalalitha said.

The final salvo is sent in the direction of the opposition:
She demanded the DMK should pull out of the central government immediately on the issue of the new dam in Kerala.
The continued presence of the opposition in the Centre is interpreted as an anti Tamil Nadu position. This will provoke Karunanidhi to react, in order to ward off Jayalaitha’s blows with the Mullaperiyar stick.

The result is bound to be trouble between two states, created out of sheer selfishness of politicians. Fortunately, Kerala and Tamil nadu are two states which co exist as perfect neighbours. Let us not allow these unscrupulous politicians create bad blood between these two states.

The people of both Tamil Nadu and Kerala should be educated about the new dam that’s being planned. The Centre or some people’s organization should step in to convince the people of Tamil Nadu that 1. The building a new dam is to ensure the safety of millions of people whose lives will be lost in case of a mishap 2. The water availability for Tamil Nadu from Periyar will not be reduced by the new dam.

In the meanwhile, it is worthwhile to examine if Jayalaitha can have sedition charges slapped on her for the threat her rhetoric poses to the federal fabric of the country. Does freedom of speech give license to regional politicians to tear the country apart?
What a shame we have such selfish, self seeking, deceitful, crooked , ruthless and unconscientious politicians in the country.

May their tribe NOT increase!


  1. It may also be reviewed about the constant demand for constructing a new Dam by Kerala Government. The minister Mr.Premachandran has only one idea and its about new dam. But seeing the implementation of projects like Japan drinking water , does he ever has a right to ask for a new dam, it will be constructed decades later after filling coffins of LDF UDF with corruption money, and you cannot gurantee that new dam will be better than old one. Idukki dam was constructed in due time and finess only because emergency was declared and Achuthamenon Karunanakaran duo was in full power.
    Now leaders of that calibre does not exist in Kerala , everywhere you see corruption, rumphant corruption. How much public money is looted in Lavlin, Japan drinking water, Kallada Irrigation project with zero output.
    See the condition of Thekkadi boat mishap, do you think the corrupt will ever be punished.

    I think we can rely on British than these present constructors.

    When comes water or any state issue Jayalalitha Karunanidhi and every Tamilian is one, united to core. They do better management of existing water than us. Now Chennai is self sufficient in water, where as in Trivandrum every day pipe broke and it take weeks to repair and no water for medical college etc. Those who cannot rectify that have no right to ask for a new dam. Premachadran seek an opportunity to start swiss bank account for RSP.

  2. I am very much impressed on the subject mentioned and your language. Thoughts are very clear.
    "May their tribe NOT increase"- Indeed superb!

  3. @ atushiyudey lokam
    I have no quarrel with a lot of what you say but the issue here is different.The present dam is unsafe - experts have certified that- if it fails the loss of human lives will be enormous.it's absolutely scary.

    secondly, inflaming passions leading to violence and division has no place in a country like ours.

    also, it is not this LDF govt alone that has been making noise about the unsafe condition of the Mullaperiyar dam.the issue has been there for a long time. to interpret it as a rivalry between states is to sidestep a very pressing issue - human lives.

    @ srrekumaran Nair

  4. Nothing new from Jayalalitha. I think it is you who is making a non issue into an issue here. This article is so hysterical. The people of Tamil Naad are not fools. Which is why she is cooling her heels in the opposition.

  5. @ simi vijayan
    i earnestly hope you are right that this is a non issue.
    i didnt realise i sounded hysterical. divisive politics always upsets me.

  6. Aarushiyude lokam,
    You wrote in your comment that people from Tamil Nadu are always united. Can't we learn from them at least somethings.. When teacher was talking about an entirely different thing, your thought processs was that of the typical average malayali, as how can we blame X or Y and be sarcastic. This is not resolving the issues of the state in the long run.
    Instead of just blaming politicians, no matter whether they belong to LDF or UDF, can some blogger actually see why projects are not getting completed, what are bureaucrats doing here. What are our so called government servants doing.. If you carefully see, it is not only the politicians but also the officials who are running the show.
    Like our popular media, people are only blaming politicians. Other parties also should be accused.

  7. //The water availability for Tamil Nadu from Periyar will not be reduced by the new dam.//

    how will ensure this

  8. For a new perspective on this issue, Please read http://indianrealist.wordpress.com/2010/01/16/mullaperiyar-dam-controversy-and-sabarimala/

  9. If the Tamilnadu Govt. is so confident about the strength of the 125 year old Dam, Jaya & Karuna should Made their Assembely Building, Secratriate and all the Govt. offices under the Dam. Kerala Govt. should allot 500 acars of land under the dam far making their capital. Let them rule Tamilnadu from there.

  10. Isnt it a fact that divers of the Indian Navy did a survey and had reported large cracks underwater? Why did TN government object to that survey if it had nothing to hide?


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