Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pseudo Secularism Again

It was extremely distressing to see the nature of the cyber reaction to the bombing in Bangalore and Ahmedbad. The blame game is on, among the bloggers. If the blog and the comments represent the voice of the educated, privileged sections of India, then we have something to worry about - seriously.

A lot of blogs and a lot more comments blame the government and its pseudo- secularism.

Pseudo-secularism! How I hate the term! A term invented for political expediency, which subsequently gained respectability, and is now creating havoc in the minds of even the enlightened!

The term which provides a protective armour to those who want to launch a violent assault on the sacred value of secularism.

A term which validates the denial of the right to be called Indian to members of certain communities in the nation.

A term which rationalizes the putting back of the clock of history.

I wonder if those leaders who use this term liberally will have the courage to go on record to explicitly define the concept, and then explain how, according to them, it has permeated the Indian polity.

And also change it once/if they come into power with an absolute majority (God forbid)?

Jammu & Kashmir are burning; but, thankfully, India remains calm.

But the virtual world is aflame.

When will we Indians bring down the narrow domestic walls of our minds?

When will we learn to think Indian?


  1. So well said.. Some thoughts from well educated people really surprises me these days on how narrow their minds are when it comes to religion. This post is such a relief!

  2. this new layout is not very appealing..the old one was better


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