Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tagged Again

Am tagged again! And again by Sujatha!(

Here are the tag rules
Items on your walls:
Look up from your computer and stare at all the walls in the room surrounding you.
List each item on the wall and its origin (for example : Faded landscape print from _ , Family photo taken in Portland, Andy Warhol soup can poster, Starbucks neon sign, whatever...)
If you are in the great outdoors blogging, the tag will settle for a brief description of the flora and fauna (scientific names would be much appreciated, naturally).

Items on the wall:
I look up from the computer and stare at the walls. Blank. All of them. Origin of blankness? WOW! what a philosophical poser! Am not competent to undertake the history and origin of Soonya. Am not willing to rush in where angels fear to tread.

But this I can say. Blank is beautiful. But is difficult to attain. Have tried to while in savasanam ( my favourite yogic pose). "Concentrate on the sound of the fan" that's my yoga teacher. "Cut out all the other sounds-listen only to the fan (her aniquated fan had the most awful droning sound!). Listen to the fan, only fan, only fan--fan--faaann----faaannnnnnn---after sometime you wont hear it anymore. It will be soonya - blankness of the mind-a near - - - that's how far I hear each time. No. No Nirvanic experience. Only sleep. Gentle sleep. Somebody prods me. It's time for the concluding sloka.The next batch will come. I avoid the teacher's eyes. Sleeping is against the rules.

You are right and wrong Sujatha. A Ravi Varma waits with a few other facsimiles for someone to drill the walls, fix nails( this is Kerala), and release them from the bubble paper and baseboard packing material imprisoning them. Yes . There are a lot of activists in my house, very vocal in their demands for their release from such unaesthetic confinement so that they can take their rightful place on the walls.

Know something? Blank walls are beautiful. Empty walls make you feel less cabinned , cribbed and confined in the apartment existence. A little reluctant to let go of that sense of space.


  1. Blank walls, the nirvana of Shoonyata, quite a philosophizing ramble - I'm green with envy and purple with humility ;)

    (The reason why I suspected a Ravi Varma print is because I have always seen one on the walls of every house I visit in TVM. Even the Baker style ones. I'm surprised that you have managed to buck the trend, so far.

    Thanks for doing the tag, and check if you have any blogging friends who might be interested in trying this one out (I have to do my part in promoting this one, it's my baby, after all ;)

  2. Since we cannot get enough of you tag posts, you have been Tagged again! :-)

  3. @sujatha & seema

    you flatter me! anyway, thanks for the compliments, or were you complimenting me or pulling my leg?

    how's your tag faring sujatha?


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