Friday, August 29, 2008


The CPM stands for the right to strike by the working class as a fundamental right, said the party statement. This was an embarrassed reaction to Buddhadeb Battacharya’s landmark pronouncement “I DON’T SUPPORT ANY BANDH’.

Ok. We agree with the CPM that the right to strike, which is the right to protest against deprival of rights, is a fundamental right.

But all those ugly accompaniments of a strike – are they also fundamental rights?

Do fundamental rights include the right
• to terrorise the denizens into bringing normal life to a standstill?
• to destroy public property?
• to pelt stones at public transport?
• to indulge in arson ?
• to beat up law abiding people who choose to exercise their right to work?
• to commit murder?
• to deprive citizens of their right to medical help ?
• to deprive students of the education for which they and the tax payers foot the bill?
• to disrupt exams scheduled by the universities for which hundreds of thousands of students prepare themselves for years, and for which crores of rupees are spent by the government?
• to cause a loss of crores of rupees to the exchequer and public and private enterprises?

I earn my livelihood by the sweat on my brows. Don’t I have my rights? Does the CPM stand by the right of working class( please. who constitute this?) to deprive me, a law abiding and peace loving citizen, of my fundamental rights?

What/who is CPM to decide who should have fundamental rights and who should not? or do they think that the red is more equal that the rest of mankind?

Buddha has spoken at last. The CPM had better pay heed to him or many more Budhas will surface.

A silver lining is, at long last, making itself visible behind the dark cloud created by the muscle power of trade union politics of the bully called CPM.


  1. Hello!

    Great post! Very thought provoking!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. The Buddha smiled...then realized his folly and asked for FORGIVENESS and got punished !!

  3. @joseph pulikotil


    @intellectual kshatriyan

    true. he apologised but didnt himself go public with the apology. a party spokesman issued the statement. And the punishment given to him is a censure. censure is the mildest punishment,and in this case, not proportionate to the gravity of the act of indiscipline (questioning a fundamental tenet of the party). It is clear that 1. Buddhadev Bhattacharya had made his point 2. the party cannot afford to antagonise him 3. if they continue to accommodate him, the party idealogues will have to do some rethinking on their positions on various issues 4. buudha is likely to spring surprises on the party.
    let's wait & see

  4. What you know... this hartals and bandh must be included under Terrorist Act and POTA or whatever it is, must be implied on those who call for it..I think Gandhiji will pardon me for telling this..Afterall it is him who invented this menace.

    Bhattacharya is right, someone in CPM who understands how public feel.. Good, for a change..:))

  5. Bhattacharya thinks about the future,rest of the CPM leaders still lives in the past..thats the main difference.


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