Thursday, August 14, 2008

Compensation for Suicide?

This is online news:

Thiruvananthapuram,Aug13 (PTI):Kerala Government today decided to sanction an amount of Rs.Two lakh to the family of sister Anupa Mary of St Mary's convent at Kollam who committed suicide allegedly due to 'sexual harassment' by a senior nun.

Speaking to reporters after cabinet meeting here, Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan said crime branch would probe the death under the supervision IG Haridas Nath Mishra.

Why is the government offering compensation for suicide? Does it supect murder? If so, surely it can wait till the crime branch's probe is over? Or is the compensation a tacit way of telling the crime branch what result the government wants the investigation agency to arrive at?

Why this indecent hurry in rushing to give a compensation? Was the nun an earning member of the family?

Will the government give compensation to all who decide to take away their lives, being unable to cope with the problems of life?

By the way, if the nun had not not succeed in her attempt, wouldn't she have been arrested for attempted suicide, which is a punishable crime according to the law if the land? So is the compensation meant for the successful completion of a crime?

The government should have weighhed the pros and cons of the issue before this impulsive decision.

The truth is, when it got a chance to nail its arch enemy - the Catholic Church in Kerala - it threw all logic tho the winds. The haste with which it decided to compensate the suicide was an absolute giveaway.

Goverments should be above vendetta. True, the Left has a five decade old score to settle with the Church. But this is a brainless way of doing it. While the messing around with education can be explained in terms of ideology, what ideology is there in compensating suicide in a state which already has the highest suicide rate in the country? is it an incentive? Will the government oblige if all families of suicide cases apply for compensation?

How can they refuse since a precedence has been set?

An angle the crime Branch should investigate: When did the government make the offer for compensation to the parents? before they spoke to the media or after?


  1. Yes, you have rightly said it. Jumping into conclusion.....

  2. Good...

    So is the compensation meant for the successful completion of a crime... The best part

    I also loved While the messing around with education can be explained in terms of ideology

  3. in this case it seems though that the govt and the catholic church are hand-in church asks govt to pay money to shut up the nun's family for the harassment,no no....actually would have given the money to the govt to the give the sister's family..since this is what the catholic church excels in doing...let her priests abuse kids worldwide,sit back and watch the torture that has been happpening..and then finally add salt to the raw wounds by making a pay off..doesnt this sound like what the mafia would do? what a shame ! and to think the laymen do not consider this shameful at all and give the church a kick up its back!!!!we have regressed beyond the medieval times..atleast in those days honor was fought with blood(not that that is condoned),but we sin by letting it be!

  4. I think Renu has the correct sequence. The government and church are likely hand-in-hand to cover up the real reasons behind Sr. Anupa Mary's death. The Rs. 2 lakhs is being paid as 'hush money' to her family, probably part of some money exchanged between the church and the govt to help ensure the investigation shows no wrongdoing on the part of the convent.
    Can a suicide be buried on church grounds, as seems to be the case with this nun? (Her burial was at St. Anthony's church in Kanjiramcode, as per most news reports). I thought they weren't allowed to be buried on church grounds if they died by suicide.

  5. well it would be great if the crime branch could prove the truth behind the case..

    If the allegations are true..well.
    ill not comment..lets wait n watch..

    "The truth is, when it got a chance to nail its arch enemy - the Catholic Church in Kerala - it threw all logic tho the winds."

    "True, the Left has a fifty decade old score to settle with the Church"..

    Could you post one on that..Or have you already posted one??

  6. @renu & sujatha
    the left & the church are like the anvil and hammer, eternally at war - THESE TWO cannot function hand in glove.

    my mistake-not fifty decades-five decades. have corrected it.
    yes. i have a post in which the incidents are set against the famous VIMOCHANA SAMARAM of the late fifties:

  7. i think the "old" left and church would not get along.but the left of today is spineless ,characterless,principleless avataram of the gone much of noise and so less substance,The church is a bureaucracy ridden organizational structure defined by hierarchies ,just like governments,especially the left.
    so one might just be surprised to see that these two powerhouses i.e,religion and state collaborate in India,principles be damned!!!

  8. Exactly...This again highlights the attitude the current leftist government has toward the Church and church run organizations.People often fail to remember the glorious and commendable deeds the church has done and has been doing to the state and the country on a whole.In Trivandrum for example all the best schools in TVM are run by the church.None of the parents complain that there is an emphasis on chirstainity in these schools.In my school even the morning prayers were to a more unviersal"Our God" rather than to Jesus Chirst in particular.There has been a clear attempt to politicise the whole issue wherein this could be treated as yet another issue on suicide.
    @R:If a nun loses her faith in god and commits suicide what on the earth has the church got to do.Please look at Mother Teresa and likes not at one SIster Anupama Mary and Abhaya to see wht the church has done...

  9. Renu and Sujatha ... Both of you are wrong .... . if any body committed mistakes they should be punished .. socieity is called as group of humean that Church is made up of Humean beings with felsh and Blood. fathers and nUns that doesnt mean that they are GOD . they have the same limitations as we have . But they are better controllling their feelings by prayer and sufferinegs . How easy for us to criticise others like this way..... Ofcourse i Apprciated the Chucrh for addmitting there mistakes of sexual crimes against Chldren . But u see one factor . EU has better law aganist this crime and they will get heavy penalty for this crime . But what happended in these cases are the Victims family is going for out of court settlement . That shows the parents are also doing illegal work. then why u scolding churhc only for this ?.. Like in ARAB country it can be called as Blood money .

    BUt infact we can understadn that the Blood money s given by involvng party. Here This sisters parenets is guilty more than others , if the sister informed them about the so called sexual harrasment . Why they let her to go back to the convent ? they are living n free world . why they didnt infomred the same to the poilce / vantha cell about the sexual harrasment ..

    Why Renu is so shamefull about the church .. She / he dont have any shame when she heard about the news taht one girle got pregnant by her father in our so called Society ... Is that she didnt got any shame when she read the news of brutual killng of one full famly for the sake of anothe lady ??? Is that she dont got the shame when that father raped his daughter for more than 4 times before killed her???????

    Dont pont your fingers to others .. pls remmebr that 4 fingers are pointing yourself

  10. I would like to sympathise with renu and sujata...please don't hold as objective truth what you THINK. What you are saying MAY be true, so eaguly MAY NOT be true. Another thing is about the burial of suicide, sujata writes: "I thought they weren't allowed to be buried on church grounds if they died by suicide." why are u writing about what you THOUGHT? if u do not know, keep quiet. Church do allows to burry the suicide persons if he was living a catholic faith.

    10:05 PM, August 14, 2008


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