Tuesday, August 04, 2009

When man Meets Nature - Munnar III



HUMAN INTERVENTION - AT CHIYYAPARA where the water crashes down in a never ending roar to meet the river

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I wish i could post the stench of urine at this spot, that came everytime the breeze blew from some direction .

Lets hang our heads in shame!
Shouldn't we do something about this, and not be just armchair cynics?


  1. do we really deserve places like munnar?!

  2. cheenja + paara = CHIYYAPARA

  3. heys even i had a similar experience in mum=nnar an year back !! sad to see such a beautiful place getting destroyed

  4. teacher,absolutely stunning tribute to nature; treat to eyes and soul. big thanks!
    on the urine smell: I guess we have a broader issue here. Peeing is a natural human need as we all know. however, how many tourist places/attarctions or even big bustands/railway stations have usable washrooms. forget about usable; how many of these have a washroom designed in the dvelopement plan or infrastructure. we don't talk about peeing or pooing. Men releive themselves on roadside where as women even hesitate to tell the men to stop the car if they want to pee, on a trip. and when they stop, there is no place.
    I have been living out fo kerala for almost 2 decades. I don't see much change when I visit.
    this is beside the attitude: as far as things are clean in my house who cares about the public place cleanliness!

  5. 3 simple steps a layman can do

    1) If you see someone throwing paper, plastic bottles etc go to that person, tell him nicely and politely about the harm such substances bring to the environment and ask him to throw it somewhere else

    2) Stop doing it yourself. How many times have we consciously/unconsciously dropped stuff on the road because it was easier to do so than search for a dust bin?

    3) Tell our family/friends relatives about this issue during social gatherings/tours etc.

    For eg; when the kaarnnor says.. "chinnu.. sing a song for us".. chinnu can probably talk about the rot which the adults have created :P

  6. Great Series Teacher. Said a lot through your pictures. All we need is strict intervention from the authorities from the area that should ban commercial activities beyond a certain point at these sites. Also have a few basic infrastructural facilities. Again there would be bureaucratic bottlenecks :(

  7. Thanks all for the response.
    Cheenjapara-height of cynicism:-). am not willing to give up yet.
    Deepak, your suggestions will help but the reach will be limited.i think we need to address the issue on a war footing.
    i usually put all the trash that pile up during a journey in a plastic cover which i take along with me . if not for that, i'll be forced to litter the place. The trouble is there are not enough waste bins on the public roads, tourisits spots where people can throw rubbish. we must think what can be done about it. While providing dustbin lavishly in the state does not require ingenius planning, it requires money. We have to think ways of raising money. i intend to do post on this issue - tho what good it will do only God knows - -
    @ shy - thanks.
    yes, time india thought of rest rooms.
    @ seema
    u have summed it up effectively. but the logistics need to be worked out.
    @ sreekanth-yes. it was a really heartbreaking sight.

  8. Hi,

    My first visit to ur blog.. n am glad to see munnar pics... Munnar is a special place for me coz though my roots r from kottayam, I grew up in Munnar... Then, Munnar was a beauty without blemishes..now am sad to agree with you..she has become quite tainted.. people became more business minded n both natives n tourists r destroying her. Quite heartbreaking to see Munnar now, especially for those have seen her in her glory..

    anywayz nice writeup n keep up the good work..

  9. if only they installed many more dust-bins at more frquent intervals! (of course then you need a system in place to clear these bins before they overflow!!!)

    In india, it is a challenge to not litter. because that means you have to carry your trash wiht you around until you sight a dust-bin.

    I alwasy carry empty bottles/packets/ice-cream sticks etc in my hand-bag/rucksack until i find a bin.

    But people who are willing to put up wiht such inconvenience are few...

  10. Lets hang our heads in shame! Shouldn't we do something about this, and not be just armchair cynics?

    -- You are most welcome to take a bucket of water and clean the stench. Good that you show some propensity for action. You are much different from the other penpushers(rather, keyboard jockeys, in this electronic age).

  11. Urine odour is absolutely horrendous. It is the reason for global warming.

    It could be argued that to preserve the purity of some place, humans should absolutely avoid going there. So the ideal solution is clear.

    Wait a minute, I forget that even Elephants/tigers can dirty a place with their excretions and urine smell. The best way is to exterminate all the animals, to achieve cleanliness. Shall we nuke the whole earth?

  12. hey anon
    y dont u discard ur anon mask?
    ur comments are getting more and more interesting!
    nuking the world. Mmm. not a bad idea but after my time -and my children's and theirs and theirs and - - -.
    we're just over the Hiroshima day. Guess that's the source of inspiration?
    @ T rachel
    thanks for visiting my blog. come again.
    @ pooja nair
    'But people who are willing to put up wiht such inconvenience are few...'
    that's the root of the problem. only strict laws will work.

  13. The inspiration for the idea of nuking is from the initial chapters of "Far from the madding crowd". To be more precise, the story of what happened when George the Dog was incapatitated and his son had to be called in, and the consequences, and the conclusions the novelists draw thereof.

  14. Sadly all this is true. And it's happening right in front of our eyes. I remember noticing the difference when we visited munnar with a gap of 2 years. First in 2004 and then in 2006. If 2 years of unbridled pollution can lead to this. I shudder to think of what the state will be in 10 years if nothing is done :(

  15. Kannan Devan Tea Plantations are a cluster of plantation bungalows situated at the picturesque town of Munnar.

  16. People are not ashamed for what they do at such beautiful places. Whenever we visit spots like this we used to collect all rubbish and put them in a bag and bring them for disposal.


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