Tuesday, August 04, 2009

God's Indulgence: Munnar . Post - 1

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No, these are not paintings. They are real! God's work not man's.

I was not aware that wild majestic beauty untouched by man existed so close to us.

Now i know what the poet meant when he exclaimed 'Wilderness is paradise enow'.

These pictures of Munnar were taken yesterday and the day before.

Mists and clouds blurring the distance between earth an heaven even as you watch them, occasional drizzle, green mountains and rocky mountains, the crystal purity of the sparkling water as it hops, skips, jumps down the rocks laughing with wild abandon, the river flowing by your side all the way, dense forests and large parrot green patches of grass, man's footprints in the form of rows of eucalyptus trees and tea plantations appearing like green velvet from a distance- - - This is what Munnar is made up of.

This and much more - - - -

I have not seen many places of great scenic beauty- but i cannot think how any place can be more beautiful that these mountains.

Nature at her most beautiful best - that's what you see in this paradise situated some 4000 plus feet above the sea.


  1. Talking of scenic beauty I think Munnar easily beats out Ooty and Kodai....been there just once..but the place is etched in memory...

    P.S. Liked that you put a green font for this one..:-)

  2. I think they were talking abt Munnar when they called Kerala God's own country...

    Magical place especially when there are rains and mist.

  3. kpj... we need big pictures. cannot see anything here

  4. Munnar is indeed heavenly! And the photos have done more than enough justice to the charm of the place! Cheers! :)

  5. @ mathew
    green is in, eh?:-)
    strange. i almost wrote that line in this post
    just double click on the collage and watch them grow:-)
    @ scorpiogenius
    yes. celestial epithets thrust themselves on the mind when talking about Munnar

  6. Munnar is heavenly..truly justifies Kerala as God's own country!

  7. First of all, thanks for the comments ... I am pleased that you reacted to the things we lack, accepting the truth....

    As said munnar is a sweet place and it makes people come to kerala to enjoy the beauty.

    It is called Gods own country, no confusions or doubts about it...

  8. Are you in anyway related to JustJo Blo(http://www.jocalling.com/)?

    I have both of you in my blog reader / feed update and you both have Munnar Blog Posts same time.

  9. @ anon
    no. i do not know joe-thho i found his blog very informative - - thanks to you.
    PS. y anonymous?:-). do read my post on anonimityy - the link below.
    @ abilash P
    most welcome
    @ karthik sivaramakrishnan
    @ sujatha
    you can say that again!

  10. lovely pics!
    have i gone to munnar?:_)

  11. Munnar hill station is characterized by unsullied landscapes, pristine valleys, majestic mountains, tea plantations. Munnar Tourism


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