Monday, August 17, 2009

Thank You and Good Bye, Sri Mons Joseph, Our Beloved Minister

Another head rolls in this Topsy-turvy world of Kerala politics. The law of nature says that the old order should give way to the new. But in this enlightened state, there is a reversal of this law - New order gives way to the old here. First it was Gnaesh who, some years back, vacated his position as the Transport Minister to accommodate Papa Pillai. Now it is Mons Joseph, the PWD Minister bowing out to make way for P J Joseph, the crooning manthri with a history of having greased his palms during the Plus 2 allotment days.

A few months back another well liked Transport Minister,
Mathew T. Thomas resigned in obedience to the fatwa from his party high command.

What these three ministers - Ganesh, Mathew T. Thomas and Mons Joseph - have in common are:

* They are all honest politicians. Difficult to believe such a thing exists, but these men showed that it does exist.

* They don’t believe that the ministerial berth is their birth right. They have a job to do. They believe in doing it to the best of their ability.

* They are performers and delivered during the brief time there were in office. Ganesh was beginning to make KSRTC turn around when his father claimed what he had temporarily vacated till he was cleared of corruption charges. Mathew T Thomas who had the making of a true statesman and a disciplined party man, was in the process of giving a makeover to KSRTC with his innovative ideas. Mons Joseph brought so much transparency into the Dept with so much corruption and scope for corruption, paid up govt’s debts and gave administrative sanction of work running into thousands of crores.

* They left their position of power like the true representatives of the people – without much ado or resistance, and went back to their constituencies in the most dignified manner.

While I feel sad that these men had to bow down to the wishes and self seeking interest of their “stalwart” leaders, I feel happy at the emergence of this new breed of politicians.

I have always felt that God cannot abandon his own country for too long. This new breed of public servants, with their clean hands, willingness to work hard for the people, commitment and efficiency, is the surest indication that the Almighty has planted saviours among us. We, the people, need to identify them and evolve a system by which they are given an opportunity to serve us.


  1. Your judgement about Ganesh kumar is not right. He infact destroyed KSRTC, his contracting awards to body building outside state, his fancy buses which due to raod conditions didnt last even 2 yrs, Papa pillai is far better as an administrator. May be Ganesh kumar didnt take bribe in postings but he tried to seel whole KSRTC stand Trivandrum to Reliance etc, he was shrewd and did know well acting.

    P.J.Joseph is better administrator in fact he is best expereinced LDF minister now, may be he tried to cuddle a lady in plane, but he is good administrator.

  2. I may sound cynical, but I thought an 'honest politician' was a contradiction in terms.

    Reminds me of the degrees of comparison of honesty of politician, according to a senior colleague of mine. First he gets 'on' in life; after he has made enough pelf for seven generations to survive, he gets 'honour' and finally, he gets 'honest'!

    Good to hear that there are some who do not become honest in three stages like this. They are the salt of this earth!

  3. Speaking of greasing of palms for plus two:

    I suppose much of it was done by the Syrian Catholic church of which Changanachery is an important center. Also their colleges are also centers of bigotry and corruption, which Joseph Mundassery was able to correct to an extent, but at the cost of the EMS government falling down, and the show of power of church in Vimochana Samaram.

    This commentor is from that community. I am ridding myself of some of that guilt, by commenting against it here. I submit that you also have some responsibility for what your community leaders are doing in the name of the Almighty which you mention so many times.

  4. Public Relations alone matter. This minister also would have gone the PJJ way if a Malabar visit of his during his first fortnight had been afforded the same enthusiasm as the two grandparents' tussle aboard the Kingfisher was.


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