Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are Mallu Males Perverts? The Answer - Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Today, i got a very interesting response to my post titled ARE MALLU MALES PERVERTS?. Click on the link below to read my post.

Here's the response- a confession, rather:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Are Mallu Males Perverts?":

every word in this blog is sad but true . Being brought up in Cochin I have done many things which I feel ashamed of now - How ever those days the general attitude of the crowd is to look at every women as a object for pleasure - even though we had good female friends, the moment we are out from their company the natural attitude is to look and strip ever women in the street . In crowded places we have shown atmost vulgarity too - The point is men/boys in general thinks it is OK to do that - After leaving Kerala and living in a different state/country 1. Feel sad and ashamed of how I treated women. 2. Feel pity for all the women in Kerala . All the movies during those times made sure women was abused and pushed down and glorified all that "Very Macho "" !! It is not that I have become a Saint now - I still ogle women - How ever I make sure I dont stare at them constanly and look at them when they are not watching . And stopped taking advantage of the situation where they are in - totally! - even started helping women to some extend - Finally a piece of advise to all Mallu men -If you have even the slightest intention of getting a girl the only way is to show some decent behaviour - Think with your head and not with your co##


  1. I read your old post now. I agree with you. I have lived in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Trivandrum and Bangalore and I can vouch for the perverseness of mallu men. I have experienced the worse form of behavior from mallu men of all kinds.....bus conductors, auto drivers, even decent looking men who seemed to be going to/coming back from their workplace(some were even wearing a tie)! Hyderabad is also bad but not as much as tvm. Mumbai was by far the best!

  2. i am not too sure on this....
    I have to agree that though we have a lot of perverts in our society, the numbers seem to match with other states (in india) that I have seen!!

    Mallu men are just like the other... :P

  3. The perverted mindset of the Mallu can be traced to generations of exposure to radiation from the mineral sands on our shores. World bodies have identified our shores as a 'hot spot' long ago. No intellectual or scientist in Kerala has so far highlighted this aspect.
    Most men above 40 have erectile problems because of rampant Diabetes here. This is one reason for their ogling women and molesting children.

  4. Boys/men born and raised in Kerala are perverts -

    fortunately my husband and brother is not raised in kerala - but my uncle, father and brother-in-law are. and i say they are perverts too - just because that is how they are conditioned as a man towards woman.

    Women take it lying down. bloody women. I am raised in Bombay and I told my mother that I won't take it lying down. "if you do not respect yourself I pity you. I respect myself more than anybody else and touching me by a guiless man on the street is not what I learn." my mother was shocked and said "who will marry you if somebody knows this " I answered, you are more worried about my marriage but not worried about the emotional trauma that i go through. she said she was more worried about what society will tell. I ask, " god why do you give such woman children"

    my aunts are ph.d and drs (MD) but they take groping of a man lying down.they tell me to keep quiet ! i told them" such things do not happen in bombay. our classmates who are boys will teach us self defence if we do not have brothers. what is the use of such qualifications ???" I ask

    I pity the qualified suppressed women of kerala because their qualifications ( whomen pride for their qualifications !!)

    I have tried to explain tthis to my mother ( who was raised in kerala ) but she pretends to take it lying down. She might be my mother but I don't respect her because she has low self worth of herself

  5. @Anonymous:
    Om Shaanthi; om shaanthi!


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