Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Are Mallu Males Perverts?

If making passes at women whenever they get a chance is an index of perversion, well, there are a large number of men in kerala who are perverts. now the question here is, are there a larger number of perverts among males in kerala than in other staes? sadly enough, the answer is yes. there was a time when i used to argue with pardesi mallus about this. i insisted that if there are such perverts at large in kerala, there are an equal number in the other states too. i dont insist on that line of argument any more. After living in Mumbai for more than six years, i must admit that it is a much more pleasant place for a woman to live in and travel about. men mind their own business and are not eternally trying to paw at women.

this is an issue (higher incidence of perversion among mallu males than in males from other parts of india) i hate to talk about 'cos i dont believe in stereotyping. but recently, i had occasion to spend some time with a youngster just out of an engineering college in chennai. he told me horrible, nightmarish stories about ragging there(he made me promise not to blog about it or mention the name of the college till his results are out!!). what shocked and upset me was his emphatic statement that the worst bullys are mallu boys. their ragging is intolerable - and terribly perverted. and there is what is called networked ragging, where mallu boys from various colleges in the city exchange freshers for ragging!! since ragging is not the issue here, i wont dwell on the subject. the point is, mallus are known, aknowledged and accepted as the worst, most perverted, most innovative hazers in all institutions in the country where ragging takes place.

i wish someone would tell me i've been wrongly informed.

http://pareltank.blogspot.com/2009/04/are-mallu-males-perverts-answer.html - pl check thos posts. it's a response from an honest response from a male mallu which i posted, as i was impressed by the honesty. Besides, it throws light on the issue.


  1. On the ragging bit
    I have been to NIT Warangal where like most other NITs, ragging happens state wise.
    I see, Kerala state's ragging was very very decent without any "bum imprints" and had mostly slaps,exercises(like push ups,"duck",aeroplane,imaginary chair etc).

    Compared to a UP,MP or Bihar this was nothing.
    We were never asked to strip in front of seniors, which those states asked the guys to.

    For us it was jus verbal and physical, not sexual.

    So, as a been there done that case, I disagree with your generalization.
    This is the same story across RECs/NITs.

  2. Mallu men have become a brand now! They are the most vulgar and perverted men on Earth!

  3. It would make for a better case if you could back this up with reasons why you think this is so.....?? What somebody else said and reported is all well and good,but personal experience counts too....and making a blatant generalization of this sort is'nt helping anything. I have never lived in kerala,but belonging to the state and having visited for holidays,i do feel the same roving eye syndrome...
    However i feel it has more to do with our society, upbringing and individual intellect. I started reading your post with the hope that someone would crack the reason or afford an explanation to this behavior......

  4. @ annon
    think i have cracked the reason - shall give my take afer i turn it over in my mind

  5. Ha, those were the days, when I had to board KSRTC buses with my hairpin at ready to scratch any 'perverts'. Seriously, I've actually grabbed a couple of collars in my day or whacked guys with a pile of folders when they attempted to grab me. The people around would always watch the 'fun' and pass snide comments on my reaction (which I mercifully didn't understand very well.)
    The one thing that worked for me finally when boarding buses was to keep a sharp eye on the hands. This seemed to unnerve any potential grabbers.

    Sorry for the long lecture, your post brought back some unpleasant memories that I can now recall in the equanimity of not having to deal with such stuff for years!

  6. My senior colleague, a mother of two teenagers recently went to the cop station to lodge a complaint against some mallu students who were heckling her and making lewd comments as she walked past the house. The landlord was asked to vacate them. There are several such incidents! My colleagues have stopped apologizing to me when they start cribbing about mallu men and their obscene eve teasing. Most women in Bangalore have begun to distinguish a mallu guy from others because when it come to sheer perverseness they beat the others hollow. The other day while a mallu female colleague walked on Cunnigham Road, a group of young mallu men discussed loudly her privates and how they would take her and in which positions not knowing she knows Malayalam. I can go on. It takes an NRK to be in the know. You will go blue in the face explaining this,but people who do not want to accept will not.

    By using the ragging example you have given away a chink for defense. Now it will be beaten to death to defend mallu men. I have heard ragging is better in Kerala. But that's because it involves guys.

    Go to any holiday spot and say you are a mallu and you will either have people hiding their daughters and buffaloes or offering you "services" that are specially reserved for mallu men! Such posts will only create enemies for you because the average mallu man doesn't like their women speaking up!

  7. True. Mallu men are a lot more perverted. Blame it on Priyadarshan and Siddique Lal movies. And these guys are making all their movies in other languages too. It's only a matter of time you see the same breed in other states also.

    Kshudra saksharatha varuthi vecha vina!!

  8. I don't have any proof to offer to change your mind, but I don't think that statement is categorically true. I agree with your original assumption... that the incidence of perverts would be roughly the same across states. I don't see any statistically valid assumption to counter that.

    In my own hometown, Cochin, I have heard very few incidents like these, both from my friends and from my cousins... One of my friends from Aleppey made a claim similar to yours... that she found a higher incidence around Aleppey than other places. But then again, she seems to have agreed that she got an exaggarated viewpoint, after getting exposed to other states and countries.

    Personally, the ragging in my own college was mostly minimal... kiddish gags of making the juniors sing during class or pretend to ride a bike in campus... never perverted stuff...

    Now none of these goes to say we are less perverted. In any random sample, you would find extremes. But this is applicable everywhere. Being a guy, I suppose I have lesser chance of direct knowledge. However, the views, complaints, retorts and admissions from my friends (from all over the country) have been more or less consistent in that regard. There are a lot of assholes from Kerala. But there seems to be just as many from other places as well...

    Mallus have been stereotyped in a lot of ways, but I've never heard this angle before, other than the stray case from my Aleppey friend. For example, there are sectors who believe Keralites are deeply infested with the porn industry... a curse we have to suffer through because of the stupid time when Shakeela ruled the screen. Then we also have the bad name of being too close knitted. This claim, I have to sadly acknowledge, is true. I find that the tendency to keep their own state-mates together and exclude all other sects is excessively dominant among Keralites. In any college, you would always see a Mallu gang... not so often would you see other communities building a closed shell. Even worse, you can see that even in the presense of an outsider, they keep talking in Malayalam, not even bothering to include that person in the conversation...

    So we ARE bagged with many stereotypes, some sadly true, and some false. I really think the perversion bit is false. In fact, the more consistant claim I've heard regarding perversion is from Delhi. I can't comment on that much, cos I have some friends from Delhi, and so far, I don't see any justification to that perversion either.

    These are my thoughts. I could be wrong. But I don't think so.


  9. Perversion as understood by the rest of India is normal behavior for mallu men. So it is no wonder that they don't consider themselves or their freinds perverted!!!

  10. hammy,
    as you said in every random sample there are outliers.but what you do when outliers are the rule than the exception!!! you are a guy, there is no way you will know , grasp or understand the extent of perversions in "god's own land!" if i tell you my stories ( many many of them which are un printable ) you will be forced to revise your opinion.
    i know the northern states are bad..UP/BiHAR/DELHI stories shake me up! but there is some shining perverted quality in mallu....
    having lived my fomative years in both bombay and all across kerala, i can tell you mallu land wins hands down when it comes to eve teasing,snide remarks by theruvu thendis ,bystanders, thattukada folks...you are on red alert when you are walking everywhere, ..and no ,these are no rants of a crazy neurotic woman..these are the experiences of ALL of my friends/family/cousins....
    kerala is a very unfriendly place for a woman.period.
    anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get out and talk to more women

  11. Have never seen or heard more bullshit. If you compare any metro and kerala you are doing injustice. In Kerala there is no metro and almost all places are developed quite well barring the big three cities which are really big cities but not metros. What abt the groping incidents in Mumbai in New year eve? and have you travelled to N.Indian villages? You are just saying baseless allegations without any real proof. Its worth uis equal to the gossip in kerala tea shops.

  12. I have comemmented on this couple of days back, not sure why it didnt got picked up(probably i wouldnt have submitted it properly)!

    I was really surprised to see such a post and even more worried since almost all who commented agrees with it. I agree with you that there are lot of such incidents reported from kerala, but its not only happening in kerala. If you think of other states like UP, bihar etc etc it will be even more. My feeling is since kerala girls are more educated, there are able to react it more openly and dats why people are getting a feel dat its happening more in kerala.

    And I guess most of you people would be commenting just by comparing your experience in from b'lore or chennai. A metro will have more educated people and ofcourse mixed culture and you can't rate the entire state behaves this way.

    Now the girls are brave enough to raise their voice against some mishaps.

  13. My friends and I have suffered so much harassment growing up in Kerala (and believe me, age is no bar for these sick men) that we could together write more than the Encyl. Britannica. It is not the occasional groping that I am talking about, but unrelenting harassment starting with the constant staring and “comment adi” to exhibiting themselves, masturbating, and so on. Over the years we evolved in our confrontation tactics from petrified silence to shouting and hitting these twisted characters, to what I consider the best form of retaliation--- following them around wherever they went, talking loudly about how they behaved. You appear a bit crazy, but hey, it works like a dream. I tried it out on a suited briefcase-carrying man on a bus, I cant tell you how much of a hurry he was to get off the bus. I jumped off the bus with him although it wasn’t my stop and continued my harangue down the street, loudly asking him if his wife knew what he was up to, whether he would train his children to be perverts like him, and so on. The thing is, no one, including other women, come to your help, so it’s left to you to confront these sickos.
    I will stop with an observation. This is not limited to Kerala, in fact there is not a corner of India where it does not exist. But it is far more ubiquitous and vicious in those parts where segregation of the sexes is higher and there is an overall discomfort with sexuality. Kerala is thus like many places in the north. Men often are intimate with women for the first time when they get married (if you do not include their trips to sex workers). The only way they know how to be physically close to a woman is by molesting them. (This is not a blanket description of ALL men, obviously). In a city like Bombay, men are much more comfortable with the opposite sex from childhood onwards, and there are more socially acceptable channels for interaction among the sexes—although of course still limited, as this is India. It is therefore a far easier place for women to live.

  14. I wish you were wrong but unfortunately it is a fact. Although I lived most of my life outside kerala, the little time I have spent there has given negative experiences. I believe it is a generalised lack of respect for women. Learning to read alphabets and signing your name is not literacy

  15. Really? And I always thought Mumbai was the worst at this! I should tell this to my mother who wouldnt let me go work in Mumbai cause apparently it is not "safe" for young women to be on their own

  16. Thats a very bad advertisement for all mallu males I must say :-) And sadder is the fact that not a single female opposed the line of thought of the author.
    I wish I could tell you different Kochuthresiamma, but I guess my feeble voice won't be heard over the hoarse cries of the million woman who support your statement. However I must say this.

    If mallu men are indeed perverts, there must of course be some reason which makes him a pervert. I'm sure God doesnt create perverts in his own country. Should we blame the mindset of most of our parents who do not like girls talking to boys and vice versa? Should we blame the girls for being extra conservative in their approach towards the boys? Should we blame the media for their portrayal of women as sex dolls and sex craved women (Shakeela movies)? Should we blame the soft porn magazine industry (fire, crime etc) which corrupts the minds of millions of male youngsters? Should we blame the mindset of the malayali society which doesn't promote close interaction between boys and girls? Should we blame the education system that makes the boys sit in one column and the girls in another? OR should we blame the mallu male????? I don't know. Probably the mallu male is a very bad person!!
    I don't think Mallu men will let a girl be raped in public (which happens quite often in other states like Maharashtra which seats the liberal Mumbai). When that day comes I'll join the ranks of the million women who complain about their male counterparts

  17. I so agree with Anita. Mallus are by far the worst lot Ive seen. Its not just the men who are out to get you...it is also the general reaction of bystanders to a girl's plight. No one will come to your help or rescue you...unlike in the North where all u have to do is be bold enuf to raise a voice... Somebody will grab the pervert and give him a sound thrashing..

  18. hands down kpj - your blog is a great reference on kerala - AS IS.

    you got it damn straight on the title post

    i was totally aghast at the vulgar language that mallu priests use among themselves. in bombay when they are into their own themselves you can hear them ranting away to glory.

    - The other side of god's own country seems to be as interesting as the land itself.
    kudos to you to write it in black and white.

  19. every word in this blog is sad but true . Being brought up in Cochin I have done many things which I feel ashamed of now - How ever those days the general attitude of the crowd is to look at every women as a object for pleasure - even though we had good female friends, the moment we are out from their company the natural attitude is to look and strip ever women in the street . In crowded places we have shown atmost vulgarity too - The point is men/boys in general thinks it is OK to do that - After leaving Kerala and living in a different state/country 1. Feel sad and ashamed of how I treated women. 2. Feel pity for all the women in Kerala . All the movies during those times made sure women was abused and pushed down and glorified all that "Very Macho "" !!
    It is not that I have become a Saint now - I still ogle women - How ever I make sure I dont stare at them constanly and look at them when they are not watching . And stopped taking advantage of the situation where they are in - totally! - even started helping women to some extend - Finally a piece of advise to all Mallu men -If you have even the slightest intention of getting a girl the only way is to show some decent behaviour - Think with your head and not with your co##

  20. My first visit hence i shall be non-controversial.
    I plead guilty to being a mallu male(literally, but not in the preversion). Therefore a generalisation is not without bias.
    My natural instinct is to appreciate feminine beauty. i don't consider it vulgar as i don't ogle and 'X-RAY' scan them.(ah! Puberty)
    Outstate mallus are known to be the deadliest when it comes to ragging. My brother is a victim so i know.
    Trying to label them doesn't make sense. I'm hoping kerala matures and women can do things without fear of being groped. (My mum's caught quite a few collars and kneed quite a few groins as well)

    Now kindly step aside, so that i can get a better view of that 'lovely' lady coming this way :D

  21. @ anonymous
    i have posted your comment as a blog.

    @ DPhatsez
    welcome-and do visit my blog often.
    tho i sound biased, i stand by what i have claimed in the post-i have lived in several states in India. Today, having finally settled in kerala, i thank god i dont have to use public transport in kerala any more - and i had no hesitation to do so in mumbai last month.

  22. let me come out of my anonymous mode :)
    A word on the outstate Mallus - I dont subscriber to the point that they are deadliest . I studied in a Professional college in Manipal ( notorius for ragging) - But the seniors were in general OK -that doesnt mean they were nice - we got beaten up at times but how ever at the end they all became our friends How ever Mallu men are "Varga Snehees" especially when it comes to women - never misses an opportunity to hit against a women - Our colleague went to the extent even to beat a girl and so sad that all the mallu guys ( except a handful) supported him on that incident - the crime was that the girl asked him on a party how many mallu guys will be decent !!
    anyways - there are 100 s of stories to marrate !! 90% of the Mallu girls there were friendly with guys from other states and never even cared to talk to Malalayalees - ( which is very logical -if u ask me ) . this pissed off the mallus and they all showered the girls with abuse when they walked from their hostels to the college . And to tell you it is not a community that was doing it – every one – rt from hindus to christians to Muslims were there . The only exception being some malayalees who were educated outside .
    Anyways – I am talking about early 90 s and I am sure a lot has changed now . I see many women driving their cars in Cochin and I heard Longituity has a good population of women – The point unfortunately is that is not the index to measure women’s freedom . Women is free when she can be alone in a busstand or a rlwy station in the middle of the night with all men aound her and still feel fearless and confident – The guys (mallus ) know very well that the girls at Longituity are untouchable – they wouldn’t even know what hit them – if they try to play with them – They are always spared .!!
    Unless boys and girls become friends [and I would even say to the extend start dating ] this menence is not going to stop . The frustration and the general mallu attitude is driving them crazy – and the fear of left out from the gang will make them do all these nonsense. I lived in the US for about 6 years and it is always the girls and the boys who walk together and if men are together it means something else ! This could raise a few eyebrows but it is a fact – Only a healthy relationship can break this cycle and make women free.
    NB: My wife – when she was working in Cochin some how took a loan and bought a maruti 800 – She said she had enough with the autodrivers and people in buses . guys even come in bicycle to pinch when there is no one on the road – I also read in the magazine “Pachakuthira” that the ex-nun [sister jesmi]who wrote the book Amean has received numerous calls from a lot of people mostly from very prominent figures in the Literature field with open invitations for sex – remember she is 52 years old !!
     May be we have to look some where else to find out what the problem is – May be it is in the water lol !!! Otherwise how come most outstation mallus behave decently and the ones who were brought up in kerala happens to be this way !!
    - Hari

  23. I grew up until I was about 12 in Kerala and then moved to Bangalore. Even at that small age, I had already faced a number of unpleasant experiences starting with "comment-adi" and going up to groping. It is only when I started moving about in the city that I realised that men everywhere do not behave this way, and that is it actually possible to go out into the city and get back home without someone attempting to scare me...

    Since then, going back to Kerala to visit relatives was a nightmare for me, because each time I went there, I would either be subject to such incidents / would witness other girls going through it.

    Now when I look back, one of the striking things about the whole problem is that women do not seem to react. The posts given earlier seem to recount some women who tried to oppose the men who were causing trouble.. however, in not one of the incidents that I have witnessed, have I seen anyone (including the victims themselves) react to the situation. The protocol seems to be to just bear it until they can get out of the situation. Eg: I was once in a bus, where the condutor kept making sickening comments about women in general, and looking at young women and leering. He would go in turn to each girl, try and touch them as much as possible while taking money for tickets from their hands and so on... All through the time that I was in the bus, not one person spoke up or said anything to indicate displeasure in the conductor's behaviour. I didnt, either. And the reason is, my mother was with me. She strictly forbids me from reacting to any incidents such as these. It is my opinion that mothers who teach their kids to bear all this in silence only aggravate the situation. Their logic is that the conductor / whoever in question might have their ego hurt and might in turn exhibit worse behaviour than before. But I am of the opinion that reacting to the situation immediately makes the guy think once more before doing the same thing another time.

    But it appears that most elder women strictly adhere to this practise, and sometimes pass on the same beliefs to their children.

    I do agree that other cities are far more safer to live in, when compared to Kerala. Another interesting point : I once had a huge argument with my mother about how I reacted to someone who hit me from the back while I was walking on the road and they were on a bike. I was fairly certain that it was intentional, and I cried out loudly. (Quite another matter that no one came to my assistance). The guys fled, however, I was sufficiently angered by the whole thing. I called my mom and told her the incident, and the only comment she wanted to make was that it was wrong of me to cry out when they did it. I tried first to reason with her, then tried to coax, and then finally, shouted at her. Nothing seemed to change her opinion that I must have kept mum and quietly taken the beating, lying down. She backed off that day because I was shouting, but the next day when I was cooler, was prompt in putting in the message that one must not react to such incidents.

    I share a warm relationship with my mom, but when it comes to these topics, I cannot but rebel. I think that reform for the whole process must start at home.

    Step 1 : Mothers must teach their boys that it is shameful to behave badly with girls, and that it is no way to impress them.

    Step 2 : They can teach their girls that most of these men are cowards, and if you stand up for yourself, most of them will back out.

    Step 3: Society must take the safety of their women as a collective responsibility and assist women in such a predicament, instead of putting the blame on them.

  24. @ annonymous
    pl check the link i have added to this post. it is a frank response from male mallu.
    i agree with you. women in kerala take passes lying down.
    i once had an occasion to go out with a friend's daughter born & brought up in mumbai. while waiting to be issued a prepaid auto slip, a man, well into fifties, made a pass at her. she screamed and chased him shoutng abuses. the man also ran. seing that she couldnt catch up with him she picked up a stone and threw. it didnt hit him and he disappeared. she came back and snarled at the policeman issung prepaid slips, asked him why he didnt step in. he shrugged, and suppressing a smile of amusement, told her he didnt SEE any crime committed. the girl let herself go, screaming at him. i had trouble quietening her. but what amazed me was the reaction of the people - men and women- in the queue. they were amused and having a good laugh!

  25. while going through all these ramblings i felt like laughing and i felt angry at the same time. my sincere advice to all mallu girls. yes. the mallu male is a pervert. and that starts with your grandad and will go down to your grandson (in between include your own dad/uncle/brother etc). these are relations you had no choice on. you have a choice but. instead of marrying a perverted mallu i would encourage you to go marry outside kerala-a non-mallu.
    with regards and yours truly
    mallu pervert male

  26. mallu men are perverts because they see too many village women taking bath, bare chested. mallu elders are perverts because they have faced seggregation but given to seeing top-nude women plus almost nude women paddy field workers talking pure sex and laughing. mallu youngsters are perverts because they see modern pansies dressed-up provocatively, as if inviting for a do. so why shouldn't we call mallu women also as - perverts? any answers?

  27. http://nitawriter.wordpress.com/2009/08/12/why-the-world-needs-a-better-looking-glass/

    My god! so what happened to us in kerala was not a single incident!

  28. As an elderly Man father of a boy and girl, having spend years in God's own country as well as many states including Maharashtra, having born and brought up with 4 lovely sisters all happily married now and of course spend time with many perverts, I could say Kerala is horrible for Girls.I join the rank and file of this blog in making unequivocally clear that there is something seriously wrong there. May be the parents are not making their boys gender sensitive or their girls to move friendly with their close boy friends. May be the cinema and the Videos play a role! I do not know.But when my foreign friend came to get treated at kottakkal and had to travel alone , the stories she narrated tome left me sick,disgusted ashamed and of course devastated. I join my friend who wrote Literacy is not reading and writing letters there is something more into it!! To know the perversion to the core read the comments on this photo post in hub pages( My dear sisters do not read it. But my male counterparts please do read the same and judge yourself the state of PRABUDDHA KERALAM.


  29. i am embarrased to say this, coz when we say mallu men we r talkin about our own family members too. but this definitely wont stop me from calling them the most perverted breed of men on earth. the stares, the comments, the sick attitudes make our fellow men very disgusting to deal with. be it sense of respect, broad mindedness, or sense of equality they are way behind their counterparts in the rest of the nation..

  30. thank you anonymous for hub link

  31. I'm a teen ager Malayalee.For me Kerala is the best as its more liberal than any of other states in India.Ofcourse YES I usually check out beautiful women and some girls check out me as well.Don't American guys do the same?Well OTHER Indians...Oh they are so restricted gay boys and I don't wanna be like that...and by the way flirting doesn't mean raping and in Kerala there is so much less rapes compared to other country.Why?Is it coz guys and girls here are not having sex...Oh no you are wrong then...Kerala is the state having the higest rate of premarital sex,even I had sex at the age of 17 with my girlfriend.Nothing is bad in that...Now take delhi,why is there so much of rape coz people from Delhi are restricted and if you are a male you will get what do you feel after not fucking a women...Get things straight brother.Every guys wanna have sex and now a days even girls in Kerala wanna have sex...and guys in Kerla do sex with the consent of the lady...I repeat consent of the lady and that's why there is so much less rapes and more sex...I'm from Cochin,maybe other places are not as much as open as Cochin but let me say its becoming open...Kerala is the most liberal state,so we have freedom of expression...We are not any Biharis to get supressed...Some guys are like joining the entire army....I will ask any teenage guy or youth guys or girls(I avoid some philistines)Now every one of you love having sex don't you?....I don't stare at women,I do stare at first...Then I will talk with them...Usually I stare with a smile...and if its teenage girls they smile too

  32. @ kochuthresiamma

    was browsing through stereotypes when i saw this. This is one of those topics that is up for debate in night out sessions with tea and cigarettes i have with roomies in Bangalore, the reason for the Mallu testosterone rage:)

    Factors could be many...I am from Kannur and I have had experiences as a kid that still boils my blood to no extent. travelling in a bus in kannur as a kid can be horrendous especially when you do not know what old seemingly nice men are looking for when they run their their hands through your parts. Its confusing, scary and blatantly real to say the least. and then you have the not so old men standing behind ladies and doing you kno what i mean...All this comes down to Why???

    My thoughts:
    1. oppressed culture: the most perverted stories both homo and hetero sexual can be found in the middle east and maybe pakistan where everything is forbidden. It makes sex a form a guilty pleasure that people just got to have..and they will have it in any form..literally..the same can be said for places like Kannur, Calicut and Malappuram.

    2. Culture of Male dominance: as many replies suggested, the sheer dominance of males in every sphere in kerala gives them an air of 'can do all' and a confidence that exceeds their moral fibres (if any) resulting in loath worthy attitudes towards women in general..

    3. The Gulf Syndrome: another mallu stereotype found in the malabar region...get married young and go work in the middle east..end up without any action ( u kno wat i mean), build up the sexual restlessness and unleash it on return.

    4. Food habits: ok this is not my personal view. Its scientific though. Mallus eat beef...a lot..a hell lot especially in the malabar region. Red meat is known to induce sexual vigour..and i know people who eat cartloads of beef a day everyday. I do not want to know their dark sides..

    All in all..the mallu stereotype for perversion is justified in a lot of ways...,mostly by personal experiences!! telling article..atleast makes for good debate.

    as a leaving note:

    Respect yourself people, Respect Women!!


  33. Stumbled through this blog, and as a male mallu, I sadly acknowledge that whatever written here is true.

    A male mallu's mind is polluted to an unbelievable extent. Only after moving out of Kerala, I realized this. I really feel sad for the women in Kerala....

  34. wat crap?? men are same everywhere...

  35. well said... am not commenting on to this but remember all the guys are not same.


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