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Shashi Tharoor in the Fray: Why we should Give him a Chance.

Why is he in the fray at all?

Possibly because of the weakness the President of the Congress Party has for intellectuals, technocrats and political novices. Also because she has an incurable faith in mallus (!? :-))

My take on Tharoor

He is a true global Indian.

I think most of us in my profession began to take him seriously as he made his presence felt through his literary works. Then, of course, he became the Under-Secretary General of the UN and all mallus were proud of him. When his claim for the position of UN Secretary General was rejected, all Indians were angry. Mallus were more angry. Many said that the US manipulated the appointment ‘cos they knew that Tharoor couldn’t be manipulated. Well, what the truth of the matter is, no one knows. Whatever it is, Shashi Tharoor’s image suffered no damage. He became a man of character and a man with a mind of his own despite his well celebrated super diplomacy.

I attended the inauguration of his AABC at Technopark. Mr. Tharoor impressed me by his very difference. He was picture perfect on the dais which he shared with MA Baby and VS. We saw the diplomat in action on that occasion - strict adherence to protocol, all the right moves and gestures like escorting the CM and The Education Minister to the lectern which was hardly 10 feet from their seats, when the MC invited them for their messages. Tharoor played his role as the host and organizer with much charm and élan.

After the inaugural function in the common hall of Technopark, we had to move towards the AAbc building which was bang opposite the hall. I saw a strange sight which both amused and impressed me. Mr. Tharoor put the ministers in their cars and instead of getting into another AC car and following them to the office , he ran across the compound, across the road and disappeared into the gates of the building! No doubt he was waiting for them when the VIP cars reached the building.

I cannot think of many public figures who would have run like that in the hot sun( except perhaps Alphonse Kannanthanam), totally impervious to the fact that he is a celebrity and a person who missed the highest position in the world by the skin of his teeth.

Why should we elect him?

The points stacked against him are 1.he is inexperienced in Indian politics 2. He is too westernized in his thinking 3. He is not in touch with the ground reality in India.

Let’s look at each of these problems.

He is inexperienced in Indian politics – true, I guess. But what are these experienced guys doing? The more experience they acquire, the fatter their pockets become, the greater their nexus with anti social outfits and greater their propensity to play the communal card.

He is too westernized in his thinking

So what? A refreshing change, a new perspective and a global outlook. The country can do with it.

He is not in touch with the ground reality in India.

How many of our netas have that? They are in touch with party's ground realities, not the country’s. Besides, Shashi Tharoor is learning - and learning pretty fast. He’s improving every second.

And then of course, a whole lot of pro Israeli articles he wrote which can be dismissed without much ado. He wrote them not in the capacity of an MP.

Will he win?

No idea. Hope he does. The differences in the party over giving the ticket to Tharoor have been ironed out. The campaign is in full swing. And he is media’s pet.

A word of advice to Tharoor from a well wisher.

Build up a rapport with the intelligentsia of Trivandrun with whom he is very popular. They have a great reach and are a sure route to the common man. They are waiting for a change, for a new face and new mind free from the frog in the well syndrome.

Wish you success Mr. Shashi Tharoor

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  1. I could not agree with you more.

    I admire Shashi. I want him to win. I hope he does.

    Having said that, I am afraid he will lose. He will be done in by not just his opponents, but by his own partymen and the jealous 'intelligentsia' of Kerala.

    If I am AFRAID he will lose, I am SCARED he will win. Why?

    Because towards that end, he has sought the blessing of unprincipled political leaders (No names) and self-seeking communal leaders (No names, again). He has no escape from seeking the support of greedy and corrupt partymen.

    After winning, they will extract their pound of flesh; he will have to appease these segments. And in the process, he will have to bid goodbye to his principles.

    What a fall it would be! No one will be sadder than me if that happens.

  2. Seems like Mr.tharoor belongs to your constituency? -- You will decide.

    The heresay is that Kerala is more politically aware than any other state - so you will pick out the ' correct' candidate.

    but you bring out some great points on the netas and the "chaploosi" that tharoor has to do after getting elected.

  3. Shashi Tharoor is a man of principles. But it is beyond doubt that he will have to succumb to the enormous pressure that will mount on him from the Sonia Gandhi's "family" that runs the party - when Congress supported Nepal ppl to bring down the rule of the king and his family they forgot to remove that from their own party - what an irony!

    I am sure Shashi Tharoor agrees and is just utilising the present scenario. Else, he wouldn't even be a Congress candidate. He has education, but it is obvious that he too will be "used" by the ruling family just like how they use the well educated Manmohan Singhs and Chidambarams.

  4. Yes, it might end up as an issue of Mallu jealousy and envy. No true Mallu would allow anyone that he fears to be genuinely better than him, to win an election. Decency does not work with us.

    I think Taroor was wrong in fighting from Kerala. We do not deserve him. The Rajyasabha is [even theoretically] created for the likes of him. In Taroor's case, the 'enlightened' TVM Corporation area voters did not even turn up to vote anyway.

    Every Trivandrumite knows now that if he defeats Taroor, Israel would stop killing Palestinis. Palestine is more important than drinking water to any self-respecting Mallu.

    [Ours is the land that made the wife of 'CP-iye Vettiya Mani' have to bribe government hospital staff to attend to him. We show our gratitude in our own ways. Generally, we do not show any.]

  5. Very very well said! I second it word for word. I sincerely do hope he wins.

    Oru kochu confession, my ketiyon keeps teasing me on the so called soft corner i have for Mr. Sashi Tharoor.. he he ;)blush;)And unlike his take on me supporting Mr. Tharoor for reason...

    ...I do believe Mr. Shashi Tharoor is a person par excellence par elan ofcourse I do agree the only other person I could think of at the same juncture is Mr. Alphonse Kannan.

  6. At Last.. he won, people looking for a change. Let's see what he is going to do. Wish you all the best Mr.Tharror. Jai Ho!!!

  7. And he won....

    Our people do know whts good for them;-)).


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