Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kerala Cracking Down on Unholy Holy Men

The Kerala TV viewers are having a thumping time, and plenty to talk about, what with godmen/ holymen/ swamis/ healers / preachers surfacing, getting caught, absconding and walking into police station with a gun, threatening to commit suicide!!
From Kasarkode to Kanyakumari, the police is on the rampage raiding "ashrams', and the holy men on the run.

What a laughable situation!

Who would have thought a few street smart imposters could have taken the intelligent malayalee for such a royal ride? Isn’t literacy supposed to be a protection against gullibility? One should think not, considering the number of false prophets that are being smoked out - and all of them thrived on the gulliblity of a people who take immense pride in having mastered the three r’s!

Oh yes. These godmen did make their money. And how? One amassed wealth throwing eggs on the wall and making predictions about the future of those who approached him, based on design and colour of the egg matter dribbling down the wall !!! A whopping three hundred crores of rupees is supposed to have passed through “Swami” Santhosh Mandhavan’s Bank account. And he has dabbled in everything from making porn films to raping to drug dealing to hawala to - you name it. Most of these Swami Amrutachaithanyas and Himaval Maheswara Bhadranadjis and those mushrooming Christian religious preachers have huge real estate holdings.Their nexus with politicians and Police have made this God's own land a gold mine for these Godmen and women.
Now, the Kerala government is planning to hold an inter-departmental inquiry into the assets of these false gurus from all religious communities. We can now sit back and laugh at ouselves for having fallen pray to the worms that are going to crawl out of the can.


  1. Even DMO is recommending prayers heal and has posted boards in the govt hospital compounds, then should we say more on ordinary people.
    NRIs love them.

  2. Well.. 'mushrooming Christian religious preachers have huge real estate holdings' - Since when was it a sin to hold estates.When the bible says,There shall be showers of blessings- it sure isn't talking about the monsoons.
    I really think it is the extreme prejudism among malyalees that they want to see the christian preachers as "frauds".It is as though the crowd has been waiting to associate them with Santhosh Madhavan. Some news channels even published the face of renowned christian preachers among the convicted false swami's. They raided Thangu pastors house and insitution.Too bad they could not contrive anything and arrest him.


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