Saturday, October 29, 2005

random thoughts

a term has come to an end- suddenly my hands a re full- with time to spare- cant remember all those things i promised myself i'd do when i get time-
went to the beautician and chopped my hair- i look weird - how do i face the world? i did- no one seemed to notice- except the person i wished wouldnt notice. 'how do i look?' 'great' with a pained look.
decided to knock off a few kilos-walked for an hour almost after a long time- came back and looked into the mirror - looked as if i'd shed one nth od a gram somewhere-decided to keep up the good work i began- just then came dewali goodies from my good neighbour- how did they know that crunchy cadburys was my favourite - not everyday that one gets a lavish helping of it- tommorrow is another day -shalll walk an extra half hour.

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