Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Strange feeling

I teach- i belong to the old world- but the new never ceases to fascinate me- dont want to be left behind-so here i go bloggin-
can someone tell me about bloging-i mean in what way you find it exciting? any dangers i should watch out for?
ok-why did i decide to become a blogger? well, i write -a lot- a couple of my articles saw the light of the day-the rest must have landed in the editors' trash bins - but like all aspiring scribes i think i talk sense ----


  1. Hey Mom!

    There's nothing to fear.. this is your space... its a vent to your emotions... a place where your philosophy finds a face.. You'll soon find a few fans commentin on your blogs! Keep goin... One way of doin it is by reading others blogs and commenting on it... you get going and then the network grows!

  2. How about posting your poems and other writing...other than random thoughts. You can use a blog as much more than a diary. It can be a very handy portfolio.

  3. Molly A,
    To perhaps the first blogger in the family, bravo! You write boldly and with a lot of spirit. That’s more than a lot of boring journalists do. But I’m also ashamed to say that I never thought you would be a blogger. Guess I judged you too easily. Keep writing. I loved the piece on Kaavya Vishwanathan. You should have sent it to the New York Times as well. Shall keep checking in.

  4. You are right! You talk sense! And thats amazing for someone who handles satire so neatly! I thought sense and humor almost never walked hand in hand!

    Just out of curiousity, you are an English teacher? Just wanted to keep my nerves steady. Out of habit, English Teachers always make me nervous.

  5. u guessed right. i am an english teacher-but am going 2 voluntarily relinquish that mantle. cant wait to do it. shall be free then to mess around with that stiff -as- a -pole language:-)


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