Saturday, October 29, 2005

all about Mahatma, modi and hitler

a lot of excitement about the supreme court's decision on cow-bull-buffalo slaughtering. narendra modi's response was sensational! he triumphantly recalled that Mahatma Gandhi too recommended banning of cow slaughter. Pity, a few years back he didnt recall what the great man had to say about human slaughter....
talking about the Mahatma, went to mani bhavan last week - surely the residence (occasional tho) of the father of the nation for seventeen years deserves a better deal than that!!!!
went around the shabby rooms and saw the exhibits. saw the letter Gandhiji wrote to hitler pleading with him not to start a war! wonder if hitler ever saw that letter- wonder how he reacted.
gandhi and hitler - the two people that dominated the imagination of the last century! does anyone know what they thought of each other?

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