Saturday, January 23, 2010

GREAT NEWS : Police Books Rally Organisers for Paralysing Traffic.

KOCHI: On a day the SNDP organised a massive rally and held a convention in Kochi `to get due rights denied to us,’ the police slapped a case against its general secretary Vellappally Natesan, his son Thushar Vellappally and prominent SNDP leaders for violating the directions of the High Court and organising a rally in the city


A Division Bench of the Kerala High Court on Friday said that people should not be denied the `right to move’ while massive processions and rallies are conducted.

High time citizens’ rights were respected.

High time the system paid heed to the judiciary.

Agreed, the right to hold demonstration cannot be curbed in a democracy. But the right of the citizens to go about their lives undisturbed by these demonstrations too cannot be curbed.

This appears to be a people friendly and bold step by the police – this slapping case against political heavyweights like Vellappally Natesan.

It however would be interesting to see if the police will slap cases against the leaders of the Marxist or Congress parties if similar demonstrations, which disregard court ruling, are organized.

Anyway, let us wait and see what happens.

For, it is not enough a case is charged without any immediate outcome.

My take on it: Some strict measures should be taken to take this bold step forward to protect the citizens from such show of strength, which disrupt the daily life of the people.

  • Any party which violates the court ruling regarding demonstrations (not more than 5000 people) should be banned from holding any demonstration for at least 2 years.
  • A heavy fine should be slapped on the party leaders who call for the demonstrations
  • All rallies should compulsorily follow certain regulations like 1. The participants in the rally should move ONLY IN A SINGLE LINE. Not even two in a row should be permitted. 2. The single file should confine itself to one side of the road. 3. The rally should be subjected to traffic rules like crossing at cross roads etc 4. Traffic should not be adjusted to accommodate the rally. It should be other way round.

Id these rules are observed, I wouldn’t mind having a rally every day.


  1. Problem is that if these people break the law,they get political mileage.
    That exactly is the purpose of all this tamasha

  2. Agree one hundred percent. Thats how we did our rallies both times for TidyCity. Singe line and without slogan shouting.

  3. Good! Now lets wait n see how the judiciary acts on this.

    In cities like Trivandrum this law is broken every single day, by every listless party or union terrorizing the citizens. About time this menace is chained. Lot of cases have been registered against every single of these parties but as of today nothing has transpired.

  4. Thugs and gangsters have taken over power.Law breakers rule the country.We have become a mockery of democrasy.Phoolan Devi and Shibu Soren are our law makers!!And we have our set of gangsters in Pinarai,Kodieri and Vellappally.Few years before I remember the media came up with news of raids at Vellappally's establishments and confiscating unlicensed wireless communication sets, and guns among other things.The media are equally corrupt. They swallow the news in few weeks time.And no body knows what happens after the initial blow and whistle.We have never punished any politicians after independance!!
    Vellappally has grown ten times more powerful after his last booking!He has successfully built up his communal mafia and gained political immunity.Above all,our Police can only handle coconut thieves and street prostitutes.Not even organised brothels,because they are all protected. I am surprised at your comment that this was a bold step by the Police!!The same Police will piss in their pants when Vellappally reaches the station with his mafia.I have felt sympathy towards some of our senior police officers,who I thought were honest and dependable.This is a dirty rut they fall in to.It stinks and will take ages to clear.

  5. Payment to marchers is a pint of rum, a biriyani and Rs 100-150. Other event expenses, transportation etc might come to any amount. How long can parties afford this? Even on payment, only other-State coolies are available.

    Within themselves, all parties welcome the Court initiative.

  6. yes with your rules in place- rallies would be rather enjoyable :) I always like the idea of people learning to queue properly- even in a demonstration. Unfortunately the demonstrations I've seen end up becoming quite rowdy.

  7. Nice suggestions, but very difficult to enforce in Indian conditions. We don't respect others.

  8. @Dr.Antony:

    All important jobs are distributed on caste-community quotas. High Court judges are also created in this fashion. Recently, a big Judge declared that his religious leanings are deeper than his official integrity. We used to have a Judge that refused to sit in the presence of his community organisation leaders. He would keep standing obsequiously.

    Such being the situation, ranting against Mafias is meaningless.

  9. I hope not only political processions,but religious ones are also controlled in a just and democratic manner without infringing on the right of freedom of expression and protest.

  10. Good solutions:),but is It practical in our political system?

    We can hope for the best


  11. May be such events should be held in stadiums beaches or outskirts of cities and then various channels should give coverage based on some common standard.

    There are 2 constitutional rights here. One for freedom of expression and union. And the other is freedom of movement. Both should be respcted. Some one should take leadership and come up with standards that should be equitably applied to all events.


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