Saturday, December 05, 2009

Tiger Woods and the Squealing Women

Pity, that women should do this. They go to bed with celebrities and then go to the press, or write memoirs or threaten to reveal it all - all to make a fast buck. I think they do a great disservice to their gender.

It appears as though the bed is the shortcut to making millions. The more deep and dark and intimate the secrets these women reveal or threaten to reveal, the greater the treasure waiting for them.

I am beginning to think that commercializing a liaison is no different from what a sex worker does.

And with a lewd public out there to lap up the sleaze, and media to gratify its smutty cravings, looks like this tribe of women will increase.

Guess I should be ready for brickbats from those of my own sex for letting down women. But man or woman, there are certain codes of decency that should be observed in human relationship and behaviour. Women, after having consensual sex with a celebrity and then brandishing that liaison and its sleazy details before the world to get cheap publicity and big money – well, hardly dignified, eh?

Washing dirty linen in public is not what a self respecting human would do. And talking of self respect. Do these women have any of it? What does a woman, as for that matter, any human being gain if he/she gains the whole world but loses SELF RESPECT? Can a Channel 5 or Clive Christian or Armani designer perfume override the obnoxious stink of the dirty game they are playing?

What’s the new set of values emerging?

Guess I sound like an antiquated voice from some remote, irrelevant past!


  1. "commercializing a liaison is no different from what a sex worker does..."

  2. This is perfectly acceptable in American society, so why should you be bothered?

  3. I would say, "But man or woman, there are certain codes of decency that should be observed in human relationship and behaviour."

  4. We still will keep on getting more Racgels, Lewinskis and the Ice Cream Parlour lady in our own state... If not for them how will the tabloids survive? They need such a scam now n then for a boost in sales. As long as we have such loose women and such stupid men, things will go on as it is now. Why fret?

  5. Gold-diggers apart, even so-called professional women don't seem to be immune. These women are tarnishing the image of all hard-working women in the US and perpetuating the awful stereotypes that already exist in men's minds :(

  6. Is it not okay to do anything to make money? We all do so only, whatever our jobs be.

    Why should anyone have more morals than their leaders/rulers...?

  7. Well, Tiger was sleeping around with several women - only 5-6 of them have come out in the media, but there must be quite a few more of them. He was stretching the limits of probability there and obviously one of them squealed (for money/publicity).

    On the other side, when his wife found out, she did physically abuse him with a golf club. Imagine if the genders were reversed there. In a way she's lucky that she got away with that (a jailable offense normally).

  8. No reasons to get angry.This is all part of the new age culture.Men are no exception.Some time back,the old Malayalam movies used to survive on these stories.Villains blackmailing houewives with some old time photos and so on. It so happens that men make more money,and women find an easier way to extract it from them.No one gives away free...for that matter.Poor Diana had a tough time with her lovers..It is time we accepted it as a profession !

  9. In the middle of all this why are we forgetting that the great Tiger cannot keep it in his pants! And yes you do sound like an antiquated voice from the irrelevant past because no matter what none of this would've happened if the man didn't seek out the woman you criticize. Since when in your value books was it ok for a man to look beyond his marriage. i think you've completely side-stepped the core issue here.. Sorry Mom! No support on this one!

  10. "What’s the new set of values emerging?" I don't think this is anything new, I seem to remember something about Potiphar's wife and a woman named Delilah. I think mass media has just made all of this a much more public issue. I take offense to anonymous that says this is acceptable in America. That is simply not true. If sleeping with a married man was acceptable in America than IT WOULDN'T BE NEWS!!

  11. @ mathew
    u have missed the issue math. the issue is commecialisng a consensual act which amounts to a breach of trust. & what a thing to commercialise it.
    my first sentence shud have been " pity , that women AND MEN shud do this" :-). i left men out for in this context ti's the woman who has done the despicable publicity act. men too do this and its eaqully ugly-remeber the men in diana's life.
    'Since when in your value books was it ok for a man to look beyond his marriage'
    where in my post have i remotely indicated anything like this? i have not ever believed in gendered ethics. ever.

    @ anonymous 2
    yes, when u compare these women with delilah, u r agreeing fully with me. treachery is the crime.
    thanks for the answer to annon

  12. 'The philandering tiger and the squealing women' would be apt.

    'Do these women have any of it? What does a woman, as for that matter, any human being gain if he/she gains the whole world but loses SELF RESPECT?'

    Exactly, and I think that applies more to the icon, the role model and this great sportsman that the whole world looks upto and less to the bar maid.

  13. @ mathew
    thou art a true feminist, math - a truly evolved person. congratulation.

  14. Hee Hee Mom! Now first of all, I don't know if thats a compliment or a sarcastic dig !! But either way, if I am indeed an 'evolved feminist' , what would you call yourself?

    Right from my childhood I was revolted by male chauvinism.. but I can still call a bi*** a bi***. I rather be called a neutral and fair observer..

  15. No comments on those who break the rules and put themselves at the mercy of those who follow no rules. But I do not think it fair to equate such women to sex workers in general. Sex workers (Except such women referred to in the blog) have better ethics and keep their mouths shut. Especially those who take to the oldest profession out of economic compulsion, like this one portrayed by the actor Mammootty in a one-line story, "Saadi udukkumpol aval paranju, 'Oru 50 roopa koodi tha Saare, ithu addhehathinte marunninu thikayilla.' "


  16. the flip side of being a woman!
    the black widow that kills its mate after mating!
    man or woman, self respect is the essence of ones personality/character!
    leave the sex workers alone!
    they have better professional ethics.
    sex sells! isn't it?


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