Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Triple Century In The Blogsphere

This is my three hundredth post, in alone. My first blog was an accident, in the sense it began as an attempt to post a comment on Shamuel Tharu’s post in INSIGHT JOURNAL, the link of which was sent to me by who exactly I don’t remember. Being a novice at blogging and being an absolute technoignoramus (Which I still am) I created a blogger ID because I understood/misunderstood that comments were allowed only by bloggers. My first few attempts at creating a blog failed but I soldiered on. Every failure made me more determined. And finally Http:// was created. And wonder of wonders, the comment meant for the Insight journal appeared as my first blog!

It was from my son that I first heard about blogs and then I started reading them. I found them very exciting ‘cos there was an honesty in the blogsphere that we don’t find in any other form of writing that occupy public space. I read blogs voraciously for sometime, not for the quality but for the peep it afforded into the life and ways of people of all age groups, all walks of life from across the world. It offered a window to the other cultures, a window which opened out to a view not available hitherto in the pages of fiction or nonfiction, or research writing or even in movies. There are many many bloggers who create a virtual world which comes very close to life as it really is - without pretensions.

And then I started blogging. I’ve always loved writing but for some reason couldn’t really get down to it - possibly on account of a lack of confidence in myself, of a feeling that I didn’t have that spark in me which converts writing to journalism. Suddenly I realized that here, in the blogsphere, I am the supreme empress. Can write what I like, how I like. Didn’t owe anything to anyone but myself. And so I wrote, paying little attention to everything about the English language that was a pain in the neck.

Soon I realized that blogsphere, alas, is not my domain alone. People who read my blog expressed displeasure at my not crossing the Ts and dotting the Is. My husband was the loudest critic. Being a perfectionist, he admonished me for the typos, the lower case after the period, the errors that creep in when the only editing one does comprises a quick running the eyes down the post.

I hate editing and spending too much time over a piece once it is over. And I found here in blogspace, I could bring out a reasonably acceptable piece, once it is put through a spell check.

My advice to blogger (having written 300, I think I qualify to do it) – if you want to be a prolific blogger, don’t be obsessed with a finely chiseled piece. A spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions sometimes results in rambling, or unusually strong emotions and feeling. Let them be. Don’t pare them down. Spunk and truth might get pared off as what you perceive as trivia. The soul of the piece might get lost.

Soon I had regular blog visitors, about each of whom I formed my opinion. I looked forward to their comments everyday. Some of the most insightful comments came from my daughter who sometimes startled me delightfully with her honesty. All my blog visitors had something new to add to my post, and often opened my eyes to aspects I had been blind to. Yes. The interaction in the blogsphere was an education of sorts.

And I had the pleasantly strange experience of meeting my blogger friend in flesh and blood. Crisgirl or cris seetha. She was everything I thought she’d be. And more. A a petite, smart and soft-spoken girl who created an online community called is now contributing her mite to keep the Trivandrum city clean by sensitizing the people about the need to minimize littering. I attended a meeting she and the Tidycity members conduct in the Museum every Sunday. I was impressed by the commitment of this young group to a cause. And crisgirl is the brain behind it.

Finally, what has blogging done for me? Has it changed me?
I guess so, for it provided a platform to debate and sort out issues which you turn over and over in your mind and can’t get away from. I find that once I have posted a blog, I move on. Even if no one chooses to comment, it’s ok. I’ve got something out of my system.

And it gives me immense happiness that I can share the lighter side of life with my blog friends. Not that those post will go down in the history of cyber literature as works of art. But if they bring a smile on one face, it’s mission successful.

I discovered with some surprise, that despite being a regular blogger, I’ve revealed nothing of the real me. I‘ve let the world know only what I wanted it to know. The real me is scrupulously kept out. Will I get the courage to write about it? Why am I so hesitant about demystifying myself?

Perhaps I’m afraid it’ll be like peeling an onion, and the loser would be none other than myself!


  1. Hey ma'm, hearty congrats! :)

    Yours is a language that stands out, may be the wisdom of years which we lilliputs are yet to achieve. hehehe wonder I ever will.

    300 posts in 4 years, whew that's pretty consistent, especially looking at the quality of many of your posts. Keep going. :)

  2. It is thought we are approaching 200 million blogs worldwide.
    It is difficult to stand out in this crowd.You did it. Congratulations.
    I started reading your blogs recently,and soon started one myself.What I like about the nature of a blog is that you have the ability to connect to a large number of people as many times as you decide to post. I just wanted to talk to someone when I felt so low,and found it easier to talk to strangers. The number of people you reach may be dismal (take my blog for instance), but that doesn't take away from my original benevolent intentions.Honestly,your blogs have inspired me by their sheer style and substance.
    Finding your passion and purpose requires a lot of reflection and soul-searching, at first, then a lot of courage and learning and experimentation, and finally a lot of commitment.
    But it’s all worth it — every second, every ounce of courage and effort. Because in the end, you’ll have something that will transform your life in so many ways, make you happier,and make you feel the whole world is reaching out to you.

    “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” - Confucius

    “The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.” - Arnold Toynbee

  3. Congrats from a usual anonymous reader /follower of your blog.

  4. Teacher,
    Godspeed and best wishes.

  5. Congratulations on the triple century... I find stories of how bloggers feel about blogging, how they started, how it changed them absolutely fascinating... Loved reading this post!!

    And I have seen all bloggers feel like you did when they meet blogging friends in real life :) After all we share and we communicate - I guess we do KNOW the person behind the blogger, in a way...

  6. Go straight on, and keep going!

  7. blogging seems to be the "Britain's Got Talent" for the writing community. May you continue to work towards being the next Susan Boyle :)

  8. hi,
    stumbled on you at criss'.
    wanna invite the attention of a reluctant, hesitant, wannabe-participant-in-blogging friend of mine to this post of yours,as it elucidates in answer,her myriad reservations about opening her heart 'n let her emotions flow free through the keyboard of her laptop to reach the reading masses. all my coaxing 'n cajoling, unfortunately have managed to squeeze out only a trickle from her stagnant emotional clouds hitherto!
    i sincerely hope this post will provide a friendly nudge to umpteen no.of timid souls whose laden hearts are bursting at seams, with the courage to spread wings 'n fly out of their cocoons 'n establish themselves as hovering fearless beautiful butterflies in blogosphere, in the realms of self expression without fear of being persecuted !
    good job this!
    oh.. and yeah. let's fete your feat of accomplishing 300 posts!

  9. good job mom.. I was skeptical when you started blogging.. never thought you's pursue it very long. but you've grown from strength to strength and it sure has made you a happier person.. parel tank is the close friend that you vent your feelings to, the confession box that liberates you and the platform where every piece of literature you write is published and appreciated! You've caught the eye of many with your simple yet profound approach to an issue. May the blogsphere benefit from many more posts from you! Congratulations mom!

  10. Congratulations on the triple century, and here's to many more to come- (lifting up my glass in a toast!)

  11. our mullings and opinions are the very "us" that we tend to hide.

    so congrats KPJ

  12. Congrats on the Triple. You're scoring like Sehwag. Amazing strike rate and grace in strokeplay :D

  13. Congrats teacher :)
    And I'm in Hyderabad (not china)

  14. a belated catching up blogs only now as i am currently home enjoying time with family..yours is one of the blogs am so happy to have stumbled upon and i have throughly enjoyed reading your musings!!

  15. A lot of well-deserved compliments have been paid to you. I endorse them whole-heartedly. Your range is vast and you 'connect'. The blog is the most democratic forum I know: nobody can censor your words or shout you down. You can say your piece, whether others read it or not, whether others agree with you or not.

    I may not agree with you on all the points you make in your posts (Like the 'you must maul English if only to avenge the colonial rule' or words to that effect) but liked the way you made those points.

    And that example brings me to something I share with your husband. We're being selfish, but if you mind your p's and your q's, it will give us a better reading experience.

  16. Dear teacher,
    I have been a beneficiary of many of your posts for entertianment , awareness,politics, issues affecting the world etc -must admit some went right on top of my head. Just want to say thank you on this milestone. please keep writing.
    have commented few times, otherwise I am just taking in and 'shy' to comment.

  17. Dear Happy Blogger
    you have been wonderful!
    A teacher ,yet not pedantic!
    A mother,still has a childs wonder in your heart!
    A home maker,but all the world is your stage!
    Salaam Teacher!
    May you go from strength to strength

  18. Gee KT, I read those lines about me as soon as you told me and then I thought I will come back and comment later. I completely forgot till a friend said he read about me in another blog. Thanks KT, that is probably the best description I could get! Maybe I should use it for my orkut profile.
    It was amazing meeting you! I will write about it too..

    But let me congratulate you on your 300th post! wow that is remarkable KT. Let you make many more centuries! Dont take 4 years to make the next triple though!

    And revealing yourself - it is your choice. I still somehow feel that you expose a lot about yourself when you write. Unlike talking, writing somehow seems a more honest deal. Neednt be anything about your life - but even your comments, your opinions, your take on things could show a lot of you. Couldnt it?

    Revealed or not, I am a happy visitor of this blog and like I have described you in my blog I am "sure to get something out of this one" every time I come here.

    thank you for your kind and encouraging words. you keep me going.
    happy new year, all of you.


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