Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shashi Tharoor: The Evolution of a Tweeter

All fun has gone out of Shashi Tharoor's tweets. They've been cut down to size. All spontaneity vanished without a trace.

And he tweets soberly about having a great meeting with Ghelot!

What a fall was there my country men!

Or should i say, Rejoice, my countrymen, Mr Tharoor has evolved! and in so short a time!

Like they say, the more you learn to control your basic instincts, the more evolved you are.

But i miss those witty smart rejoinders :-(

That said, one must say that we are glad Mr. Tharoor is learning . Good to think he will survive.


  1. from the Urban Dictionary:
    street smart :
    A person who has a lot of common sense and knows what's going on in the world. This person knows what every type of person has to deal with daily and understands all groups of people and how to act around them. This person also knows all the current shit going on in the streets and the ghetto and everywhere else and knows how to make his own right decisions, knows how to deal with different situations and has his own independent state of mind. A street smart person isn't stubborn and actually listens to shit and understands shit.

  2. Tharoor is proving that he is capable of hiding his true feeling of disgust towards other politicians and aam admi for the sake of holding on to ministerial post. But this opportunism may disappoint his 'elite' fans

  3. guess he's back in form now:) somehow i think this going to be more of a test for congress and our political class in general, than for him. Hope he comes out the better.

  4. Leave Mr.Tharoor,let him get on with his work. The votes of Trivandrum has full trust in him.Give him time to prove himself

  5. udayakumar sivanandan6:43 PM, April 19, 2010

    Tharoor is great man, a great writer, a great administrator, a great scholar, and a great human, but a pathetic failure in tis dirty business called politics in India.

    He is fit for many other areas other than this place called Indian parliament. Because he is too good for this.

    Here men like Lalloo and women like Mamata rules.

    Blogs and tweeters are alien weapons for these crooks.

    it's good that now he's out and free to tweet like any aam aadmi.

    Let his live a lfe of his liking, write and speak like SASHI THAROOR...


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