Monday, May 04, 2009

Arrival at Chicago

"Move on, move on. Dont stand there", said the black security official as we walked down the corridor leading to the immigration counter at Chicago airport. He was talking to a 70+ well suited and booted Gujarathi passenger who, like us, had alighted from the Air India Flight.
The passenger stood his ground, looking back towards the aerobridge, and refused to move. Then security personnel walked towards him and repeated the command.
"I'm waiting for my wife", replied the irritated passenger.
"That's fine. But move on. Dont stand there. She'll find you'
The passenger was angry now. "How can she find me? She is not educated!".(I could have punched him on the nose for that loud declaration! Surely he owed something to his wife's image!)
The security personal laughed and told him:" Dont worry man. She doesn't need education to find you. Guess she's been you wife for a long time now?"
"I tell you she is not educated and - - -". He stopped when he heard some one call him from the front. All of us looked ahead towards the shrill, irritated voice and found an elderly woman, saree worn the Gujarati style, saying something rapidly and gesticulating to the husband.
"There she is" said the man, with Archmedean excitement and joy.

The security man laughed explosively and said to me who was watching this short exchange: "I told you. you dont need education to find your husband. And look, no education and she is way ahead of him!!"

Guess basic instincts are stronger when not diluted by education!


  1. ROFLMAO!!
    Good piece...

    And so whats the moral of the tale? "Education doesnt make a man wise"

  2. i am reminded of this t-shirt caption: "I was born intelligent. Education ruined me!"

  3. I think he meant that she would be at sea at the airport without knowing the English language. And she found him because he stood his ground. :)

  4. Hi KPJ, hope you have a good time in the US of A.

    I don't think its the education that causes these worries. My sister is a post graduate in advanced computer studies. In spite of all that, everytime she leaves India after a holiday my parents are restless and worried how she'd manage all alone in the plane and during transit etc. Its more or less a couple of 'What if's?' that are a real bother!

  5. lol! hope you didn't lose sunnymamman in all this confusion!

  6. i really dont think education has got to do something in finding someone..

  7. @scorpio: if by education we mean degrees and more degrees, it does not make a person wise or more human. I have experienced that a so called uneducated farmer treat other people (inc women)with much more respect than a so called educated engineer.

    @kpj: lol. coicidence!, I was in chicago on May 1 to 4. No I was n't at the airport, i drove down to visit family

  8. great post..loved it thoroughly!! education does dilute our instincts..and reflexes..I agree.

  9. Did you copy it from some website?
    I guess so, since I find it hard to believe that a person studied in Stella Maris and St. Teresa's could misspell passenger.

  10. @ abhilash
    i own up the mistakes and have corrected them.
    but please dont accuse me of plagiarism:-(
    btw, how come u missed the other sp mistakes? too late now. l've corrected them:-)


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