Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tehelka Apocalypse

was reading tehelka, the issue on the sting operation on Gujarat riots. Feel numb with horror. Am horrified that humans can be so blood thirsty. Am horrified that human beings can gloat over their active role in genocide, and smack heir lips in glee at the memories of the gruesome details of mutilating and burning alive men, women and children.

On our part, othering the perpetrators of the horror in Gujarat reflects a misconceived complacency about ourselves having progresed from that predatory stage. have we, as humans, really left such primordial instincts behind us? are all of us potential predators? Surely the Gujarat rioters are not made of different clay. can all human beings be moulded into bloodthirsty human hunters?

are there dark regions in me lying dormant under the cover of civilization, regions that can be resurrected by a combination congenial factors?

The answer, I guess, is yes.

Scary thought!


  1. I also think the answer is yes!
    Was reading Eachara varier's autobiography the other day and I felt like cutting that DIG (and others involved) into a hundred pieces.
    Justice not delayed, but denied!!
    My sorrow and anguish was nothing near that father's and yet my eyes were red with rage. How would that father have felt his whole life!!
    He himself admitted that he felt like taking revenge when he saw some of the culprits on TV. If such a beautiful soul can think of revenge, then anyone can!!
    It might not be the solution..not might not is not right!!
    But it requires superhuman strength and faith to forgive such people!! Do we possess such tolerance??

    I feel there is an animal trapped inside all of us under the blankets of civilization. Take out the cover and we are all animals..just like in Godhra!
    Let's hope and pray for a civilized future.. Hope man does not forget his civilized ways during times of strife..

    Nice post..I feel you could have written a little more!

  2. thanks for your response-was curious about how people would respond -no one thought it worth responding-you are the first.
    couldnt write more- wrote in the shock after reading tehelka


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