Sunday, December 24, 2006

Save Kerala From Her Own Frankenstein!

God so loved this little strip of land which lies between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea that he endowed it with perennial water supply, equable climate and a stunning landscape.

He loved it so much that he gave her good kings to rule over it – rulers who cared so much for the subjects that they invited all types of educationists to the state to start educational institutions all over the state.

God, then, realized that much leveling had to be done on the socially uneven terrain of his own country. So he saw to it that literacy spread, and with it Communism. The first ever elected communist government carried out his wishes and the land reforms ensured that every citizen had land to call his own. So far so good.

And then the almighty decided to call it a day. And decided to take rest. A mistake – a serious one. While he took his nap, the ad hoc idea he had permitted to enter Kerala, transformed itself into the proverbial Frankenstein. And the monster grew out of control.

And God woke up to find the monster on the rampage. With horror he watched it run amok through Kuttanaad and, in a jiffy, turn the granary of Kerala into a graveyard, burying forever the dreams of the agricultural community. The monster then stormed into the industrial sector, terrorizing entrepreneurs who fled in terror.

And Kerala economy lay in shambles.

But God did not forsake his country. Without wasting time, He initiated a brilliant plan to yank his country out of the economic crisis. He turned to the obedient and loyal children in the state and told them ‘Go, go to the ends of the earth. Get rich and fill the coffers of your state that I love.’ And so the exodus, the Malayalee Diaspora began. Government employees were given incentives to take five, ten, fifteen and even twenty years leave to go to the four corners of the world on a Save Kerala mission. And Oh! they went, leaving behind their beautiful land and loved ones. They went up the hill and down the dale, over the mountains to the desert lands, across the seven seas - and worked their hearts and lives out and sent money to sustain their land over which the prodigal monster continued to let loose a reign of terror.

Thus it is that Kerala survived all this while. But her children overseas are beginning to get tired of wasting their hard earned money to keep alive a parasitical monster that is fattening itself shamelessly on their blood, sweat and tears.

And then IT happened.

This seemed to be the answer to Kerala’s woes. The IT sector welcomed with open arms the victims of the monster’s devastation - the unemployed youth. Hope flickered, flickers.

Things are beginning to look up for Kerala.

But beware! It’s too soon to celebrate, for the monster has begun to rumble again.

The depletion of the number of unemployed will sap the monster’s strength. It is in the interest of the monster’s survival that the high rate of unemployment be maintained at any cost. The jobless youth is its muscle, bread and butter, its life blood, its raison d’etre.

And so, it has turned its malevolent eyes on the IT sector now. The moves for unionizing IT employees are on the anvil.

The time has come for the righteous to act, to resist the monster before it goes berserk.

IT is the ideal industry for Kerala. No environmental destruction. Can provide employment to huge numbers. For once, Kerala stands a chance of providing a suitable and rewarding livelihood on its own soil for her own educated daughters and sons. The prospects of generating wealth on her own soil appears realistic and bright.

And, IT sector employees have no grouse. They want no unions. But the monster wants them.

So let us put our weight behind them and resist the monster.

Or the monster will destroy us, once and for all.

The Almighty is unlikely to have any more tricks up his sleeves. He has given us a long rope. Now it is our turn to decide whether to save or hang ourselves with it.

The ball is in our court.


  1. hello...that was as good as a story...nice one...but i think it would have been a bit better if you ever tried to understand what sort of business goes in those IT companies... its nothing but sheer exploitation of our youth...havent u read abt a raid recently conducted in a few IT companies in Tvm...its a fact...with tax exemptions due to liberalization, the owners of IT and ITeS companies are making huge fortunes (and out of this a very negligible amt is passed onto our youth).....and one more thing...its a misconception that there is no economic destruction due to IT... there is a very serious health hazard is store for our beautiful land...its called e-waste... it contains very poisonous metallic and non-metallic components...lets see, as u said, wht the God is going to do next...

  2. Hi,

    Read your blog...I found it very interesting.

    Will you give us permission to publish it in our magazine KairaliCanada, a Malayalam/English monthly published from Toronto?

    Could you write to me please?

    Bala Menon

  3. @pa
    Dont you think it's better our youth get exploited by IT industry rather than by politicians/ political parties who are ever casting the net for the jobless youth.

    while exploitation by youth or anybody is not desirable, this baptism in fire will condition our fresh graduates to a work culture that kerala does not have. Besides, these youngsters do not get stuck in one position forever in the IT industry. It's a launching pad to better positions.

    better this way than the terrible 70s, 80s and the 90s


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