Friday, December 01, 2006

Politicising Mullaperiyar

Chief Minister Karunanidhi's effort to politicise mullaperiyar issue is a classic example of how callous politicians can get for their political survival. If he is dead certain that the dam is safe, can he be made to give a personal guartantee that no catastrophe will follow if kerala complies with his request for increasing the water level? can he, and all those who certify the safety of the dam, give similar guarantees, holding themselves accountable for the catastrophe(god forbid!) that is feared by the kerala government - accountability involves provisions for criminal case being slapped on them, followed by possible nonbailable retention? If people are so sure that the dam will hold, this should be no problem.

of couse, all these guarantees cannot make the govt. of kerala agree to the demand.What is involved is human lives. The other day, one worthy from Tamilnadu was ridiculing CM Achuthanandan's claim about five districts being washed away into the Arabian sea. He feels that at the most only two districts are exposed to the feared danger!

The population of two kerala districts being washed away is a calculated risk that can be taken to provide water to tamilnadu?!!!!!????? how can people talk like this and get away with it? Guess that is the 'beauty' of Indian democracy - an aesthetic gratification that we can afford to do without!

Kerala CM's suggestion seems to be the best- a new dam be built jointly by the two states.

Politicising resouce sharing issues should be made a puinishable crime in India as it can have a divisive impact.


  1. Being a Cilvil Engineer I know it is not that tough to scintifically analyze if a dam can hold a particular level of water. I think the best solution is that Centre appoints a truly neutral expert committe and both states agree to their recommendations.

  2. I agree with you Brijesh. That is the best alternative. Otherwise, Kerala government is playing superiority, I won't quench game, and TN government is doing all it can from Center, which will only bring resentment from Kerala side. If water is not given TN people will resent that the state is not being given water by any other states properly. Frankly speaking I don't see why these states are playing stupid games with the lives of farmers. Moreover, the best option for TN is to try and somehow bring into effect some sort of water source so that they need not be depended on other states. Afterall, the idea of a unified India is just an idea. There is too much nonsense between people who come into power.


  3. the concerns are understandable.. we should solve it in a right way. neither the left nor the cong nor AIADMk nor you nor me knows anything about the real state of the dam. let some expert examineit, do extensive tests and investigations and if they can strengthen the structure it will be great cost saving. let us leave it to experts and not scare people by unscintific, emotional approach to the issue...


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