Monday, October 23, 2006


just came back from a walk – the last two laps were to the tune of woh lamhe – fast and slow versions. (had my ipod with me)

what an astounding number – cannot describe it well enough – so shall borrow my son’s words when he first told me about this song

a haunting song, he said, with no beginning or end. the voice which renders it belongs to someone who is hollow inside – and listening to it that hollowness is transferred to you!

I was totally perplexed – hollowness – last thing u expect from music – isn’t it a scary idea? to feel hollow (the term evokes eliot’s scary hollow men!)

and then I heard woh lamhe- yes. math was right. it has no beginning or end – it goes in circles – leads to no destination – and sure it’s hollow – like melody liberated from matter – emanating from a mind or soul purged of gross matter – that is the hollow I think math meant – not the eliotian hollow.

initially, I felt very sad I couldn’t follow hindi – coudnt understand the lyrics.

that doesn’t matter anymore – I think it is better this way – what is left to the imagination, they say, is infinitely superior – the unheard melody – no demystification., not for this number.

started taking interest in sufi after wo lamhe - - -


  1. Just curious - which movie is this song from? Not from the movie "Woh Lamhe" surely?


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