Saturday, October 07, 2006


(Sent this to the NIE, kerala edition yesterday. Didnt turn up in today's paper. so i thought i'll put it up on my blog, particularly since it fits in with the silent majority theme of the previous one.)

The bubble has burst at last. The myth is debunked!

Chikungunya has exposed the underbelly of God’s own country.

A highly literate people! A state whose health care ranks with the best in the world! A standard of living on par with that of the developed world! The proverbial Kerala model exposed by a mosquito!

The time has come for all the political parties that have ruled the state to do some soul searching. What have the unions they foster done to the state? Protected the municipality officials and workers from doing the work for which the tax payers pay them through their nose and left the state to the mercy of mosquitoes!! What a Shame!?

Why don’t the political parties now join hands and declare a hartal in protest against the chikungunya mosquitoes?

The time has come for the people to act – to break the criminal silence and ask the Achuthanandans and Karunakarans and Chandys and Antonys what the hell they and their parties were doing with the tax payers money paid to keep us from these mosquitoes? Time we challenged them to pin responsibility on the cantankerous forces and unions they nurture that have made day to day life miserable for the average peace loving Keralites with no political muscles to flex . Time we took these politicians to task for messing around with our youth in the campuses to perpetuate their disgusting political agendas instead if inculcating in them civic sense and a sense of social responsibility.

Cocooned in myth of Kerala model of development( a parasitical model – scrounging off NRIs!! ugh!!), the people of Kerala suffered these power crazed politicians in silence. To this silent majority, I say, it is time for our Inquilab Zindabad. All myths talk of the gods sending down plagues to chastise an errant people. We the people also have erred by remaining silent and allowing these politicians with no sense of statesmanship whatsoever, to take us for a ride.

The time has come for us, the people of Kerala, to be warned by and draw inspiration from that Miltonic clarion call:_awake, arise or be forever fallen.


  1. Great read! Articulate, brief and entertaining.

    Remember me? Raji

  2. you feel disgusted and irritated by the ways of our politcians. Ask yourself what you have done to stop this menace of selfish pliticians. Afterall they are selected by us to lead us.

    instead of wasting time cribbing please do something good for this nation

  3. yes, u r right. i am cribbing. But wasting my time? no. i dont think so.i could have just grinned and borne it.
    maybe, this is a begining - - - -

  4. Mom, I'm not surprised that wasnt published in the NIE... Nice piece though! I love the heading... and certain 'special' parts of the article!

  5. maths, thanks. nice for a prophet to be recognised in his own land!

  6. Nice post, its a really cool blog that you have here, i like the way you present things, keep up the good work, will be back.

    Expect more from you...

    Warm Regards

    Biby Cletus :-

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