Tuesday, September 12, 2006

media menace

was watching tv yesterday-the 11/9 anniv day- and realised that someone should drill some sense, and sense of propriety into the head of these media people. all this hype about the sept 11, the endless repetition of the images of the tower s collapsing, people weeping- arent we playing into the hands of the terror manufacturers? isnt the media doing just what they want? the terrorists must find it extremely gratiying to have free publicity through the constant reminders of what they can & will do if ----
which reminds me of the disgusting behaviour of media when arjun singh announced the decision of the govt(?) regarding reservation. CNNIBM was the worst- its behaviour was most irresponsible and mischivous- i think it is this channel that brought into currecny ther term Mandal II, suggesting that history should repeat itself- and the channel kept on showing , over and over and over again, that terrible shot of Goswami's self immolation effort- as though inviting protestors to follow suit! media should restrain itself from sowing dangerous ideas into the mind of youth- freedom without responsibility is lethal- particularly
in the hands of a machinery with such wide reach.
one more thing- media should show a little more sensitivity while dealing with issue which are personal and delicate in nature. it is with utmost embarassment that i watched rajdeep sardesai literally hopping around with excitement when promod mahajan was shot. however public figure a person might be, there are certain spheres in his life that are private. national channels should not behave like gossip columns.
time someone conducted a workshop or seminar for media professionals on responsible and construcive telecast..
the media is very touchy about its rights. but we, the people intensely resent being victims of situations artificially created by the media for cheap sensationalism or its survival or whatever.

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