Friday, September 22, 2006

Gandhi and Mahatma

been browsing for the past half hour and made a strange discovery. a lot of people have a lot of grouse against Gandhi

there is this netizen who cannot forgive him for not taking up the cause of tne natives in S. Africa - he concernrned himself with the plight of migrant Indians only!
and then there is somene who wishes Gandhi wasn't a sex maniac!!!
yet another person who ccannot understand why he kept the company of Birlas and his likes.

I think the root of the problem lies in the title Mahatma. The fact is that it was Tagore who once referred to him as the mahatma and then the name stuck. Gandhiji never took this title seriously and never felt the need to live up to it.

Gandhi was an ordinary human like any other. he was intensleyy conscious of the fact that he had all the weaknesses of an ordinary mortal. But he also knew that like any other mortal, he too had latent spiritual and psychic strengths which needed to be released. His experiment with truth was an effort in this direction.

The greatness of Gandhiji lay in the fact that he was an ordinary human being and not a saint, or superman or a Godman or a genius. he showed us that one doesnt have to be born all these to become a Mahatma

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  1. Yep...u are right...Gandhi never said he was great...he was a great man alright...but it was others who hyped him up so much that nowadays many people are alienated from him and the number is growing...i could personally see it from my friends' reaction when it comes to Gandhiji...


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