Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Zahira Sheik

Zahira Sheik. I feel very sad for her. She was hardly fifteen when she witnessed the carnage.Poor thingl! the terrible mistake she made was in thinking that justice was an easily available commodity in this world. Just think of what this traumatised girl had to go through in the past few years. Hounded by wolves, pressurised by well meaning activists, disowned by her community , and now perjury charge slapped on her - - - - so young and so completely robbed of a normal life.
And the behaviour of the press in her case is despicable. The unholy glee with which they pounce on this helpless victim of circumstances, the uncharitable way they treat her - the callous repeated references to her 'flip flops' - the total insensitivity to what she must be going thru ---- it's sad. very very sad!
The girl must be cursing the day she decided to do her bit to bring murderers to book.

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  1. Its so true. Dont understand how people can be so ruthless. Each of them that u mentioned seem to think of the whole issue only through their point of view. They are failing to put themselves in her shoes. Its sad. Unless we face such similar situations, i dont think we realise how bad the world can be... Hope she finds enough strength to carry her through all this.


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