Saturday, March 04, 2006

Extra sensory preception

I am not superstitious-but i believe that a lot of what is dismissed as superstition can have a rational explanation - by and by, time and science will uncover that.
I've had some real experiences for which i cannot offer any rational explanations - like that strange one i had when i was in my early twenties and which continues to baffle me after all these years - - - -
I used to sweep and clean the veranda of our cottage every morning. On the window sill was a wooden letter box which was suposed to hang from a nail on the wall - but no nail went up on the wall - and so it was accepted that the window sill was the place for the letter box. Everyday i would take the letter box and dust it with a soft broom -and then i would start sweping.
One day, as usual, i took the broom and approached the letter box. As i neared it, I stopped suddenly. Don't ask me why - I don't know, but I kept a safe distance from it and stood looking at it. Suddenly i felt chilly and felt goose pimples all over - I could hear my heart pounding in my ears - and then i found myself raising the broom and bringing it down on the letter box. The letter box crashed face down and to my horror i saw a gigantic scorpion clinging to the back of the box.
Now I had never seen a scorpion in that house where we had lived for more than five years- i had no reaasson to suspect that there was any danger lurking behind that box i handled casually everyday.
why did i behave that way? how did i sense that i should beware of that letter box?
I dont know- but this is a true experience -
my mother's excited explaination was that it was my guardian angel - the fruit of all her prayers - - -
I dont know what to think- - Sixth sense? Extra sensory perceptions?

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