Monday, April 27, 2009

a jumbled but honest confession

Dhanya picked me or picked on me for the HONEST SCRAP award. tank you dhanya. am flattered. but i wish the award came without a prize tag. nevertheless, here i go fulfilling the first condition - to list 10 honest things about myself

i always think the creator made a mistake
while allotting me my gender.

while learning needlework in the Nazareth convent
i have yearned to be out there
climbing trees like my brothers
or playing cricket
or scream from the galleries during santosh trophy.

i have wished i could jump into the periyar river
like my brothers
with only swimming trunks on
and not that horrendous five metre swimming dress
my mother designed for me.

i now wish i had listened to my father
and taken economics instead of literature.
my encounter with literature would then have been
much more pleasurable.
And i'd have been able to talk intelligently on the recession.
tho' must confess i secretly fear i'd not have graduated
had i listened to my father.
My cerebral capacity has its limits.

I'm glad i had the guts to allow my children
to follow their passion for economics and chemistry
tho i'll make that confession only in the blogsphere.
sour grapes, the world would say
'cos they are not doctors or engineers.

i always wonder what people with truckloads of money
do with it.
and why they need so much money.
all those stars and sports stars with the millions.
maybe i'll stop wondering if i make that kind of money.

between twelve and twenty five
i've asked my maker
why he didn't add another two inches to my stature.
I wouldnt have had to hobble around on high heels.

i love blogging.
tho i wish i could write a novel
and have the felicity of expression
and honesty
of arundathi roy and kamala das.

there was a time when i wished
i were beautiful
and brilliant
and talented
and admired
and envied.

today, i am glad to be just alive and kicking.
it's nice to be around still
in this beautiful world.

now for the next condition:
Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.

Arun, Aswadhy, Chandy, Jina, Sujatha, Silverine, Mathew

my seven blogger friends - do forgive for harassing you.


  1. Hey thanks a lot for picking it up so promptly :) Sour grapes? Yesterday I was talking to a friend about the same topic and she was telling me how she allowed her son to follow his passion - dancing. She is like now he proves to her that her decision was correct every single day. The boy is an internationally acclaimed Salsa dancer now.

  2. May I please cut and paste this to my blog? My tag would be uncannily similar to this! :-O I am glad you took Literature! I think you
    are the best writer I have read in blogosphere.

  3. I was so happy reading it,it went like a flow and I go further to see the tagees so that I can go and read theirs and I get the jolt..:)
    Thanx for the wonderful cure for a bloggers block!

    It was a great piece-Candid,real and touching

  4. @ silverine
    most certainly, if u r serious and not pulling my leg. cut 7 paste is the bst compliment - and u r so generous with comliments.
    @ ursjina
    bloggers block. ? cant wait to read your confession:-)
    @ dhanya
    such decisions are difficult to take - beaten path is always easier

  5. Wow..thanks a lot for the prize..quite humbling..

    I agree with all here..I am so glad to actually come across your blog and am often in awe at how you put across words and the subtle humour laced in many of em..and admire even more for the person you are..


  6. Ditto to 'silverline'.
    KT, I enjoyed reading your confessions and ofcourse the catch at the end. Love the way your feel becomes your word.

  7. Done..:) Thanx for tagging me.It was great doing it

  8. Thank you very much ma'am.
    Humbled and honoured.
    Your 10 honest truths totally made me feel like i was hearing your words in person. Splendid!

    Of course i have 'honoured' you in my acceptance post which will be up shortly (heheheheh)

  9. Hi KPJ,

    Spent a whole day yesterday reading your blog (yea, my manager was giving me curious looks from the other side). Wonderful blog and I have added your blog to mine. BTW, I'd love to read your novel. Esp. after reading about 'Life at Whitefield', I can't wait. Keep writing..

  10. @Harish
    thanks for visiting my blogs.and the compliments.

    @ OTHERS

  11. Thanks for the award!I will now accept my is the icon?

  12. @sujatha
    dhanya's site'll give u that:-). sorry. didnt realise i had to paste it on my site. besides, technical job scares me - - -

  13. Those are some neat lines KT!
    I for one am glad you didnt follow your Dad's advice and become an economist. We have a lot of 'em around, but we dont have someone who can write as good and still be intelligent.
    "there was a time when i wished
    i were beautiful
    and brilliant
    and talented
    and admired
    and envied."
    Looks like your wish has been fulfilled long ago :-)


  14. #5 - that's the stuff parents should be made of! :)

    #6 - amen!

    #10 - takes a long time to realize it, but you can't help but * sigh * when you do!


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