Friday, May 06, 2011

Political goondaism in Kerala: DISGUSTING!

Too much! A remark against VS and the party goes berserk vandalizing NSS property. Should the NSS now go around attacking party offices, now that VS has indulged in nasty talk? If this is the to be the practice, every day some one or other should be vandalizing and attacking?

Why do we ALLOW this to continue in our state? How long are we going to sit back and watch political goondaism? The people are not with these arrogant, destructive elements. They only suffer them. They want to be rid of them.

Who will do an Anna Hazare in Kerala against political goondaism? Against violence during hartals, and violence in protest against remarks made against leaders, as is happening now? Which leader in the country is above criticism?

Who will deliver us from these political rowdies? Of whatever parties? Why cant the parties rein in their cadres. How dare they unleash them on us and then come back to us for votes?

Why don’t we react?

Should some person who is somebody in Kerala lead a movement against this monster that has Kerala in its strangling grip, I’ll show my solidarity by my physical presence at the site of the fast.

Will you join too?


  1. Ha,we may have to find out something unique in this.As a girl who responded against a complete injustice in an SFI ruled University,I still have the horrible memories of what we call 'essential experience' of life.Dear friend,basically this is the problem of fighting with might and creating an unknown enemy to fight.Now,see the way they ditch John Brittas,who just made a profeesional move.And yes,can we forget how the should-be-mature M.M Lawrence reacted to V-Gaurd Kochouseph."muthalaali''.Ha,I believe this is inevitable in a philosophy that has emerged from the hatred towards someone.V.S is no exception in commenting dirty.
    For a political party that played the most important role in total social change of the state,It's just nothing but SHAME !

  2. we need someone apolitical,high profile to undertake the fast. It is time that the society showed its disgust and disapproval.
    I will be at the venue.

  3. @ melange
    i like your observation that a party founded on the ideology of hatred will always be violent.

    will you be at the venue if some high profile honest person undertakes a fast against this type of goondaism?

  4. True...true...true!!! Kerala is defintely in unsafe hands! But we wonder whose hands are really safe to lead this so called 100% literate state.And how do we define literacy? Jst being able to sign? We need people who are educated..who are global in outlook..and who have the guts to make that difference..Goondaism must stop and the so called 'safe hands'must stop making it safe for them to grow!!!

  5. I am not in Kerala,but can offer all my support (though am not sure in what way).

  6. When I see those billboards and wall postings of the left of center political parties and their fringes like DYFI , ostensibly displaying pictures of Che Guevara and swearing in his name for a revolution they know not about, I feel amused. What moral right do these so called “revolutionary” parties have, to invoke Che? Though one may have different opinion on Che’s modus operandi and the brutality his guerillas inflicted.
    And this is the age of intolerance, be it in political philosophies, religious or even mundane daily subjects. Tell me one political party who accepts dissent and divergence of view points. They all bludgeon anything in variance with theirs.
    So much for the rule of democracy and democratic values!!

  7. To be frank...I think am on the edge of optimism as far as a sea change in our political culture is concerned..Had high hopes about Tharoor which fizzled out over time...I think thats the general feeling of a lot of people .."resigned and disgusted with our politicians".. I would support any leader who can cleanse our system!! Be it a political party or a civil society group...

  8. Does Kerala have an Anna Hazare now? We had figures of prominence representing anti-corruption and anti-goodnaism in Nawab Rajendaran, Eachara Varior and co. If someone else other than VS does it, they'll do more harm than good. Even Hazare was taken to the cleaners by politicians. People like Sukumar Azheekode has made a fool of himself by you know how.. But we needn't rely on this 'fasting' strategy to bring forth social change imho.

  9. In Kerala, I think we need more people to think apolitical. If one is to criticize a Congressman, one is labeled a communist or a BJP and if one blames the rest, then you are a born Congressman! but Keralites know that a majority of them have taken turns in becoming either a Communist or a Congressman. If these parties did have a unique ideology, would this have happened? Which party has proved to be better?

    We are tired.. but who shall rescue us?


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