Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deliriously Disgusted

The Commonwealth Games, Adarsh Apartments and the mind boggling G2 scam – too much.

Rot has entered the soul of the congress party. Time it reinvented itself or got ready for its own requiem.

Disgusting – absolutely.

How much are we citizens supposed to put up with?

How much do we have to get looted before we kick this party out ?

We look back at those days when a Shastri resigned as railway minister on account of a train accident, and a Krishna Menon, because of the unpreparedness of the India army when the Chinese invaded.

The party has lost its conscience – but it has discovered a new mechanism for survival – the spokesmen who can talk crap and make it sound like divine wisdom!

Wish Mainsh Tivwari’d put his eloquence to better use.

And the Gandhi family - suddenly one is getting sick of them.

Suddenly one remembers – Ms Sonia Gandhi had greatness thrust upon her and now her word is the law. Like many Indians, I too was willing to give her a chance – but her country cousin Quotrocci going scot free after looting India disillusioned me. Now when we see her soft pedaling on the scamsters, one begins to wonder - - -

so also her son - another case of greatness being thrust upon. I don’t think we want to see him as the Prime Minister.

The Congress Party of India is over. It should be rechristened as The Corrupt party of India. And believe me, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

If BJP is less corrupt, I wish they ‘d rule – on the imperative condition they bury their communal agenda. After all people and organizations can change - --- . but the recent drama in Karnataka makes us think they are no different when it comes to power mongering and corruption.

The left? They are a confused lot. Their ideology is in a state of flux – dangerous to entrust the country to a party struggling to find an ideological foothold - --- -

About the Janata Dals, the less said the better (except perhaps in Bihar).

The regional parties? The Raja of the telecom scandal gets the protective cover of the Congress for fear of a regional party.

Coalition might be the mantra of the 21st century – but it breeds corruption on a whopping scale.

The only redemption for the country lies in the voting out of the present decadent breed of politicians, the stalwarts and all.

A simplistic solution, I know.

A dream solution? An honest clean messiah launching a new party with transparency, cleanliness and accountability as its ideology, a training school for the voted representatives of the people .

But again, it's just a dream - -


  1. I read a funny twitter message the other day.

    Usually politicians steal 100 crores, 1000 crores, 10000 crores etc..

    Raja is stealing 2% of Indian GDP..Howzz that

  2. Usually politicians steal 100 crores, 1000 crores, 10000 crores etc..

    Telecom minister Raja steals just 2% of GDP

  3. It now seems like a far-fetched dream - A secular India, India without corruption, India with roti-kapda-makaan for the aam aadmi, India that stands for peace & progress...

  4. What a passionate post. I admire everyone who takes part in the problems that effect their reality, whether it is a political discussion or the discussion of ethics or economics.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my place and for your lovely comments,

  5. @ Karthik , RGB
    and what say you about jayalaitha offering 18 mps if raja is kicked out?

  6. What happened? Why all this disillusionment now? You were always quite upbeat about the state of national politics, so what changed that made you come up with this outburst?

  7. @ sujatha
    the G2 spectrum scam - and the refusal of the govt. to sack raja. the sheer size of the loot makes me dizzy.

  8. Electoral reforms and a good speedy judicial system. Thats what we need. In our country corruption and power goes hand in hand. Whichever party (CPM in Kerala & WB, BJP in Karnataka, Congress at Centre) is in power one can find associated corruption running into crores of rupees. I think this how they amass money to use it for next elections. Here in our country (with such low education levels and high poverty) votes are always bought for winning elections. There should be rules and regulations (like in the US) for raising money for electoral campaign finance. The current ceiling on campaign finance is ridiculous so is the time taken for getting justice in this country. We can only elect politicians and there is no provision by which we can recall any of them. In fact, a democracy should provide for both. Unfortunately the world's largest democracy lacks this aspect.

  9. KPJ I, like you long for Utopia.
    But if wishes were horses and if horses can fly well well well well!!!!!!

  10. When will we accept that the Indian version of democracy is a failure?


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