Wednesday, September 22, 2010

National award for Bachchan - for what?

Amitabh Bachchan’s performance in Paa wins him national award for acting! :-)

It would have made plenty of sense if the award was for fancy dress.

Am sure the poor Big B himself is embarrassed to be caught up as the protagonist in this national joke.

I don’t know if i can i call it the national blunder of the decade? We have to wait for the completion of Commonwealth Games to know which is the greater /worse blunder.

But it beats me - what on earth were the jury thinking when they zeroed in on Bachchan’s performance in Paa for best actor award? Did they redefine the concept of ‘acting’ and exclude emoting with facial expression from the definition?

I think they owe an explanation to the nation about the criteria for this ridiculous ,howler of a choice.


  1. I cannot agree more to ur point. the movie was good... but definitely not Big B!

    But, if u look at the history... if Saif A Khan can win NA for Hum Tum, that too beating Atul Kulkarni for his brilliant performance in Devrai, better not even comment on this!!!! U may as well guess what is happening behind the scenes!

  2. I am still shocked why Dileep did not win a national award for Kunjikoonan.


  3. Amithaabh Bachchan is very much overjoyed over this award, he got it because Ramesh Sippy director of Sholay, Shaan was the jury chairman.

    Mammutty was the competiter to Bachan, but I dont think Pazassi Raja or Paleri Manikyam was a challenge for Mammutty, if we consider supporting actors like Mamukkoya Innocent Thilakan etc Malayalam supporting actors are best in the country, we never feel they are acting.

    Mammutty is always acting, never he becomes a character

  4. Indians have a great sense of humour, don't you see? Already the CWG constructions have started coming down. Teams have threatened to boycott the Games because of the poor/lack of facilities. All of a sudden the entire media has fallen silent about the CWG scam.

    Yet, the main concern of Mathrbhumi is the stray dogs hanging around the Games Village. Oh yes, another few millions for canine extermination! I wish some terrorists would shoot the organisers! Instead of bombing market area why couldn't they do it at SK's office?

    Today's headline in Mathrbhumi was about the Lottery scam in Kerala. You know much the Lottery mafia has siphoned off? in 5 months? 2200 crores! Fake tickets!

    You want me to be a proud Indian? Sorry, I didn't hear you.

  5. I always end up in arguments when we discuss movies and actors at home. When I hear someone talking about acting talents of Mohanlal and Mammootty, I just cat take it,and I tell them they look and act like zombies.Most of our Indian actors survive on dialogs which please the masses.I bring up actors like Tom Hanks and Anthony Hopkins, and receive sarcastic looks,as if I landed from Mars. Amitab has always been an ordinary actor,nothing exemplary.But then,he is close to all the political clan,and who decides the awards? Jury? Hey..don't joke.
    I liked Balachandrans comments as well.

  6. hehehe!! I have not seen Paa, but I dont care ;-) Anywhere I get to blast mr. bachan,I get cheap thrills.So, here's my two cents of B bashing. I can never consider bachan as a great actor and i hate his conventional off screen presence even more...!!! so, basically.. thanks for this opportunity!

  7. hm..a gud provoking note there;even i never deeply thought about this.I appreciate amitabh for what he is ;but i must say the credits for acting should definetely go to vidhya balan and not him.But amidst all this ,i feel amitabh has done a great job about the voice modulation there!

  8. Yes in fact Bachan was awarded for the best fancy dress. In any case the award will satisfy his BBBIGGG Bloated ego.


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